A Definitive Ranking Of TV Deaths I'll Never Get Over
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A Definitive Ranking Of TV Deaths I'll Never Get Over

I'm still crying, probably.

A Definitive Ranking Of TV Deaths I'll Never Get Over

If you are anything like me, getting attached to fictional TV show characters is something that happens all too often. When a character you love dies, it's like a death in the family. I am embarrassed to admit the amount of tears I have shed over people that do no exist. Still, for one reason or another, there are just some fictional deaths that are impossible to get over. WARNING: Spoilers ahead, sorry!

12. Ned Stark, "Game of Thrones"

Okay, so I knew he was going to die because spoilers for this show are basically unavoidable, but it still shocked me. The fact that Sansa and Arya had to watch Ned get beheaded made it 10 times worse, and I pretty much wanted to kill Joffrey myself after that episode. If I think about it any longer I'll just get angry all over again so I'll stop now.

11. James Novak, "Scandal"

In all honesty, I was secretly glad that Jake shot James and not David Rosen, but actually watching James' final moments with Jake by his side and seeing a montage of his relationship with Cyrus was devastating.

10. The dog from episode one, "House of Cards"

I have finally accepted that "House of Cards" is in fact a great show, but it took me two years to move past the opening scene and actually watch the show. Despite the fact that the dog got hit by a car and Frank was technically "mercy killing" it, I prefer my shows without animal deaths, thank you.

9. Derek Shepherd, "Grey's Anatomy"

The flashbacks of Derek and Meredith meeting and falling in love tore my heart to shreds. I locked myself in my apartment and did not leave for hours. The worst part was that his death could have been prevented if Penny had just ordered a head CT and we all could've been spared this emotional hardship, but NO.

8. Liz Forbes, "Vampire Diaries"

In a show where death is pretty common, this death was by far the worst for the pure fact that Liz Forbes didn't die at the hands of a vampire or a werewolf or even a witch. No, instead, she died of cancer. Caroline turning off her humanity because she couldn't handle her mother's death was all too much, and Damon's eulogy had me bawling my eyes out and then calling my mom to tell her I love her.

7. Mike Delfino, "Desperate Housewives"

I watched this episode with my freshman roommate and I'm pretty sure she was terrified by my hysterical sobbing and hyperventilating. But come on, Mike and Susan were supposed to be together forever, everyone knew that, and then he had to go and get shot and ruin everything. And now I'm crying again.

6. Charlie Pace, "Lost"

Always one of my favorite characters from that show, Charlie sacrificed himself to help the others on the island survive. Even in his dying moments he was trying to send a message to help his friends. "Not Penny's Boat" will always hit home.

5. Keith Scott, "One Tree Hill"

Uncle Keith's death was so unexpected I thought that the episode would end and they were going to tell me that it was all a dream. Watching Karen and Lucas grieve was awful. Dan Scott is the worst brother ever, pass it on.

4. Denny Duquette, "Grey's Anatomy"

If you're not crying as you think about Izzie sitting on Denny's lap in her prom dress weeping after she finds out his heart gave out, then you don't have a heart and you should have given it to Denny so he could have lived.

3. Lady, "Game of Thrones"

Truthfully, I didn't actually see this death because I physically could not make myself look at the screen. I was too busy screaming and asking myself why I was watching such an awful show. RIP Lady, you poor, innocent, beautiful creature.

2. Mark Sloan, "Grey's Anatomy"

As much as Derek Shepherd's death was emotionally scarring, Mark Sloan's was worse for me. Watching Lexie Grey, a.k.a. the love of his life, die in that plane crash as they held hands was bad enough, and then to add insult to injury, Shonda Rhimes had to rip my heart out and kill McSteamy too. When they renamed Seattle Grace the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital I cried for six days straight. Did I say six days? I meant six years.

1. Finn Hudson, "Glee"

Probably because he actually died in real life and they built the show's storyline around it, this death was so hard to handle. If you ever want me to cry on command, just play me the video of Lea Michelle singing "To Make You Feel My Love" and I will melt into a puddle of tears. Ugh. MY HEART.

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