The Definitive Ranking Of T-Shirt Brands
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The Definitive Ranking Of T-Shirt Brands

I'm Comfort Colors and you're Gildan - know your place.

The Definitive Ranking Of T-Shirt Brands
Whitley Taylor

Every one of us has a favorite t-shirt. What makes this one t-shirt stick out among the rest? Does this one particular shirt hold memories in which you have made while wearing it? Is it the beautiful design? The color? The level of "worn-in-ness?" The answer to all of these questions is (probably) no. What makes a t-shirt so comfortable depends on its brand. There is no denying that some brands of t-shirts are softer, more comfortable and overall, just better than others. And I present to you, the Definitive Ranking Of T-Shirt Brands, so you'll know the best one to pick for your next family's reunion shirt.

8. Gildan

Let's face it. We all know that Gildan is the absolute WORST. The shirts are paper-thin, they run too small and they are as rough as can be. The only slight positive about Gildan shirts is that they are the cheapest, but you get what you pay for. I refuse to wear a Gildan shirt ever, giving this brand its rightful place at the bottom of the list.

7. American Apparel

American Apparel, may they rest in peace (1989-2017). Before they went out of business, American Apparel was quite infamous for their shirts. Although they get some brownie points for being quite soft, this doesn't outweigh the fact that they ran incredibly small and they only offered shirts in a V-neck style. Who does this??? American Apparel, apparently.

6. Bella + Canvas

There are many Bella + Canvas lovers and many Bella + Canvas haters out there. And, clearly, I am a hater. While I will commend Bella + Canvas shirts for being soft and thin, making them breathable in the summer months, this thinness is often a bad thing. The thin t-shirts make lighter colors see-through, and we all know that a see-through shirt is a no go.

5. Champion

Champion is the definition of an average t-shirt. Lots of sports teams and colleges boast their logos on Champion shirts, but they are nothing to write home about. Average thickness, average comfort, overall an average wearing experience. Just your average, good, old-fashioned American t-shirt.

4. Hanes

Let me get this straight: Hanes is both good and bad. Hanes makes a variety of different types of shirts, and some are incredible, yet some fall flat. The most notable of the Hanes products is the Hanes Beefy T. Hanes Beefy T is 10/10. Every other Hanes product: subpar.

3. Authentic Pigment

Authentic Pigment is probably the best t-shirt you've never heard of. It is soft, thick (but not too thick) and runs perfectly to size. I don't understand why this brand isn't as appreciated because the few of my t-shirts that I have owned that were Authentic Pigment were definite favorites.

2. Anvil

The best part of an Anvil shirt is that it is as soft as they come. It is plush, fits accurately and is, overall, a good t-shirt wearing experience. And every time you wash it is never loses its softness. The best. A great quality t-shirt.

1. Comfort Colors

The mothership of all t-shirts. All Hail Comfort Colors. Commonly known by college students and the most-used brand by fraternities and sororities alike, Comfort Colors is the best brand of t-shirts, no questions asked. I will fight you on this one. A common phrase that can be heard from my mouth when discussing t-shirt is "if it's not Comfort Colors, I'm not getting it." Its softness, washed-colored look, breathable collar and slightly-oversized look make Comfort Colors the queen of the t-shirts.

While some may say that all t-shirts are the same, it is obvious that no two t-shirt brands are just alike. I will end with a quote, which I think serves as a motto for my life: I'm Comfort Colors and you're Gildan - know your place.

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