A Definitive Ranking Of The Songs On Selena Gomez's New Album
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A Definitive Ranking Of The Songs On Selena Gomez's New Album

To "Revive" your music taste...

A Definitive Ranking Of The Songs On Selena Gomez's New Album

I've never been the biggest fan of Selena Gomez. While I always admired her fashion sense, I didn't know that much about her otherwise except for the fact that she's made some questionable life decisions, such as dating Justin Bieber. Also, who could forget the music video for her hit single "Come and Get It," which was basically just four minutes and 49 seconds of cultural appropriation.

However, I decided to give Gomez and her music a second chance, largely because I feel like she's become a good role model lately, as she has stood up for herself against body-shamers and haters. Admittedly, my decision to listen to Gomez's new album may also have something to do with the fact that she's part of Taylor Swift's squad.

To my surprise, Gomez's new album, "Revival" is brilliant. It's emotional, and unlike her previous albums, it's able to tell a story. Also, she's released two music videos for it (one for her hit song "Good for You" and one for "Same Old Love") and there's no cultural appropriation in any of the videos. Yay!

In case you're also thinking of giving Gomez another chance but don't know where to start listening, here's a ranking of all the songs on her new "Revival" deluxe album.

14. "Kill em With Kindness"

I'm sorry, but this song was just bad. The lyrics weren't original, as it started with "The world can be a nasty place. You know it, I know it". Overall, not my favorite.

13. "Me & The Rhythm"

I really don't have a justification for why this is ranked so low, except for the fact that it kind of annoys me?

At this point, all the songs are pretty good, so it's really difficult for me to rank them. Nevertheless, I will do my best.

12. "Survivors"

Survivors has potential, but some of the lyrics are kind of annoying ("We catch each other's shooting stars" - what does that even mean?). Also, I don't understand how you're a survivor of the wild, Selena. Don't you live in L.A.?

11. "Hands to Myself"

When Taylor Swift tweeted about Selena Gomez's new album, she mentioned this as the song she couldn't stop listening to, so I feel like I'm betraying her by ranking this so low. Nevertheless, despite a very well sung chorus, "Hands to Myself" has some annoying lyrics. You're metaphorical gin and juice? Really?

What Selena would probably say to me right now:

10. "Revival"

Am I only the one who's not a fan of songs which start with a mini-monologue? I feel like it makes more sense to just add the words to your song. However, "Revival" has some pretty empowering lyrics, including "I'm becoming my own salvation." Then it kind of wrecks that with lyrics like "This is my time to butterfly." Just no.

9. "Nobody"

While I liked this song, it wasn't that original, with lyrics including "Nobody's going to love me like you do." Also, it's pretty slow and I think if you want to sing a slow song, you have to have really good lyrics to back it up.

8. "Body Heat"

This song is catchy. Also, it sounds like it's inspired by Latin Music. It has some of Gomez's most racy lyrics yet, and she just sounds like she's having so much fun singing it.

7. "Good for You"

I really like this song, despite critics' claims that it's anti-feminist. I don't think that's how it's supposed to be, I just think it's about looking your best for that one special person. What ruins it for me, and what I think is actually anti-feminist about the song, is the rap part, which is why it's semi-low on this list.

6. "Me and My Girls"

Me and My Girls is an empowerment anthem for girls everywhere. Basically, Selena sings about how she knows that she and her friends are beautiful and don't need men. Like "Body Heat", it sounds Latin-Influenced and it's extremely catchy.

5. "Rise"

This song is slow, too, but its lyrics are really well-written. Also, its chorus is really great, and even though it has another spoken-monologue (why, Selena, why?) the monologue's actually pretty inspirational.

4. "Perfect"

Not to be cliché, but "Perfect" is perfection. Selena emotionally sings about how her boyfriend is cheating on her with a girl who's perfect. This song is well-written and just beautiful.

3. "Camouflage"

One of the things that has previously annoyed me about Gomez's songs was the fact that I felt that they weren't telling a story. "Camouflage" changes that completely, as she passionately sings about someone who she used to love and transports listeners into the story and emotions of her failed romance.

2. "Same Old Love"

The beat of this song is what really makes it good. To me, it sounds almost jazzy. Also, like "Camouflage," Gomez is able to convey her emotions through her singing, and you can literally hear her anger and sadness when she discusses how sick she is of that same old love.

1. "Sober"

This song manages to be both catchy and heartbreaking, as she discusses a guy who doesn't love her when he's sober and how it's still better than having no one. If you only have time to listen to one song on "Revival," make sure it's this one.

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