The 16 Most Compelling "Parenthood" Characters, Ranked
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The 16 Most Compelling "Parenthood" Characters, Ranked

Which character do you think is the best?

The 16 Most Compelling "Parenthood" Characters, Ranked

16. Sydney

Even though Sydney might seem like the perfect kid at first, just wait. Her parents spoil her to the point where she can’t even lose a board game. She gets worse throughout the entire show, calling a girl at school fat and not letting her sit with her. She also blames Victor for Julia and Joel’s separation, which obviously wasn’t his fault, it was Ed’s. She is actually the worst.

15. Haddie

Haddie seems to make everything about her when her parents are dealing with Max’s newly found autism. She isn’t very supportive or helpful for a while, and then, later on, gets a little bit better. She also freaks out about when Adam tells her they can’t afford Cornell.

Like why can’t you just go to Berkeley?

She is very stubborn and self-centered. She also freaks out on her parents when they don’t let her date a guy who is like three years older than her and has his own apartment. I get that it sucks and everything, but you definitely overreacted when you moved to your grandparent's house so you could still see him. Also, you like girls so I'm not sure why you made it a big deal.

14. Jasmine

Jasmine doesn’t do much. She is annoying sometimes, especially about going along with things her Mom wants for her and Crosby’s kids, even if they don’t agree with it. She also gets into Crosby’s business without telling him. And she freaked out on Crosby for cheating on her, which duh, that wasn’t okay, but then she turned around and cheated on her doctor boyfriend with him. Not cool.

13. Camille

The only thing Camille ever talks about is her paintings and how she wants to move to a condo. She cries almost as much as Kristina does. She is a really good mother and grandmother. Other than that, she’s pretty boring.

12. Kristina

Literally, in every episode Kristina cries or at least gets emotional. She is very patient and caring, and she is really good with Max. She is also very motivated and strong, especially after dealing with her breast cancer and then running for mayor and creating her own charter school. She is also very supportive of Adam, even when he made risky decisions.

11. Victor

We don’t know a whole lot about Victor, but he really turned into a good kid. At first, he acted out a lot, which was to be expected because he moved in with a new family and had a rude, self-centered sister (lol at when he threw his baseball bat at her). His relationship with Zeek was adorable, and when he won the essay contest it was super cute.

10. Max

Max develops a lot throughout the show. He struggled with Asperger's, and when he found out that he had it, it was really heartbreaking. He was always honest, spoke his mind, and was determined to do what he wanted to do. He is also really good at photography and likes skittles.

9. Drew

Drew doesn’t have much of a personality. He is really sensitive and doesn’t have a whole lot to say. He always avoids uncomfortable conversation and says he “doesn’t wanna talk about it.” His relationship with Amber is really sweet, definitely brother and sister goals. They go to each other about everything and are always supportive of each other.

8. Jabbar

Jabbar is the best kid on the show. He is super sweet and hardly does anything wrong. He definitely doesn’t get enough screen time which is disappointing. His relationship with Crosby is precious, and he is best friends with all of his cousins, even when they are mean to him.

7. Amber

Amber probably develops the most out of everyone on the show. At first, she really struggles with moving to Berkeley and leaving her boyfriend. She fights with her mom pretty often and doesn’t seem to get along with a ton of people. She goes from being an immature teenager to becoming a really strong woman in the end. She deals with a lot, like her dad leaving the family, her fiance leaving her, getting pregnant, and she still ends up okay.

6. Julia

Julia is a little too competitive and always has to be right. She is very reliable and responsible and tries her best to balance her job and being a mother. She often ends up working more than being at home. When she was quit her job, it was understandable that she was having a hard time adjusting to being a stay at home mom, but every time she talked to Ed I wanted to punch her in the face.

She shouldn’t have fought with Joel as much about stupid stuff and actually talked to him, and maybe he wouldn’t have moved out. In the end it was fine because her and Joel loved each other, but maybe if she wasn’t so stubborn they would have never had that problem.

5. Zeek

At first, I wasn’t a huge fan of Zeek. He is very stubborn and doesn’t listen to what other people have to say. He and Camille have many problems because he won’t listen to her feelings. He also ignores his family when they tell him to take his heart condition more seriously. He is the most loving person on the show. He loves his children and his grandchildren so much. He does everything he can to be apart of their lives no matter what.

4. Sarah

Even though her life is a mess throughout the entire show, Sarah still remains Zeek’s favorite daughter. She is a great mother, she never stops talking, but she is loving and does not give up on people, and is really funny. She is always there for the people she loves no matter what.

3. Adam

Adam is the anchor of the Braverman family. He fixes every problem anyone is having, talks sense into his brother and sisters when they are being stupid, and learns how to take care of Max. Everyone relies on him, which stresses him out because he feels like he has to do everything all the time. He gets very angry pretty often, which makes sense because of everything he has gone through. Without Adam, everything would turn to shit.

2. Joel

Some people might consider Joel boring, but maybe if his life wasn’t consumed with taking care of Sydney, he could do more things. Joel is an amazing husband and father. He stays home with his terrifying daughter while Julia goes to work every day.

Julia definitely does not appreciate him staying home enough because when she quit her job and Joel went to work, she did not handle it nearly as well as he did. He is the ideal husband, he supports his children, he never gives up on Victor even when Julia does, and he is really hot.

1. Crosby

In my opinion, Crosby is the best character in Parenthood. He is constantly making mistakes, treating people poorly, and ruining things, but he learns from it.

He does take responsibility when Jabbar comes into his life, and later on, in the show he turns into a really good father and husband. He follows his dream of opening a recording studio, even though it was risky. He truly cares about his whole family, is protective, and does his best to keep everyone happy, even though he does make a lot of mistakes along the way (sleeping with Max’s behavioral aid). He is really dramatic, but he is also really hot and a good guy in general.

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