A Deeper Look into the Song "Yeah!" by Usher

A Deeper Look into the Song "Yeah!" by Usher

It's about more than just dancing and singing along

Many people think that the song “Yeah!” by Usher is just a fun rap song that they can dance to. People have never taken an in-depth look at what it actually means. I decided to be the first and my findings will surprise you.

At the start of the song it is evident that Usher is in the club with some homies. At this point we are unaware of who said homies are.

I think to myself “How cool is that?” and I’m all pumped and ready to hear more. He claims that he wants to keep it down on the low key because I guess he is famous AF, but then he says that I know how it feels and I’m not quite sure that I do.

The song starts taking a pretty weird turn. All of a sudden a shawty starts checking up on him. She then was ‘spittin’ in his ear and apparently Usher is into that kinky stuff because he was all for it.

She apparently made Usher feel like SHE (not he) was ready to blow and that was kind of a head scratcher to me. Then he told everyone to watch out. I start looking around expecting something to happen, but it never did, so that’s where Usher lost my trust.

The girl then asks him to “Come get me” so Usher starts being a little creep and follows her out to the dance floor. Apparently stalking is flattery because this girl was all for it and started ‘getting low’ as Usher describes it.

So then this girl was like “Oh by the way… I used to be friends with all your ex girls” And Usher was like “Crap, what did I just get myself into?”

Next the girl gets a little too freaky on the dance floor and begs Usher to go back with her, and he starts being a little girl about it saying he doesn’t know where it would lead. Like yeah O.K. Usher, I am so sure you don’t know what would happen if you go home with this girl…

Anyway, the girl is like “fine whatever let’s just dance then” and Usher is all like “how the hell am I suppose to leave?” Usher proves himself to be an idiot for two reasons: 1) dancing with his ex’s friend and 2) claiming he wouldn’t know where it would lead if he was to go home with her.

In the midst of this life changing decision Usher is trying to make, Ludacris starts talking about random crap. Putting two and two together one can realize that Ludacris must be one of the homies that Usher claimed to be up in the club with earlier.

He starts talking about how great his outfit is and then claims he wants to milk the cows. Like Ludacris you’re in a club and are famous… there are no cows there obviously and if you wanted milk that bad you could easily make a servant walk to the 7/11 down the street. Just settle for some Rumchata man.

He also talks about getting the shawties in their birthday suits. Urban Dictionary told me that means naked, but what I was more envisioning them wearing was suits with balloons on them.

He continues to say more nonsense like “I left the Jag and I took the Rolls, if they ain't cutting then I put em on foot patrol.” He must have had one too many because that is just bizarre language. But hey, at least Ludacris knows exactly what will happen if he takes one of these ladies home, unlike his clueless friend Usher.

Sadly, at the end it is evident that Ludacris can’t see how stupid his friend Usher is because he claims that they both want a lady in the street, but a freak in the bed. I kind of thought the word "sheets" would have fit better there, but that's not the point. To me, it seems like Usher just wants to dance, but what do I know?

What confused me most about this whole song was their one irrelevant homie Lil' Jon, who said nothing more than his name the whole time. He could have at least tried to help his man Usher figure out his next move since Ludacris was too self absorbed to do so.

It is unclear if Usher ever took shawty home or what Ludacris did about that milk situation. Oh well, I guess some things will always be a mystery.

I hope next time you catch this song on the radio, YouTube, or even on a Now That’s What I Call Music CD, remember how idiotic these homies are. They could have had a way better time up in the club that one night, but they totally blew it!

Cover Image Credit: subscene.com

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