Food for thought


With cloudy bliss,

I write to the trails of doves and butterflies

And the beat of the peeking sun, warming the dark crevices

Of my cryptic soul.

Wearing fatal sandals,

I mourn with a handkerchief

Winter has passed away, but

Maternal glaciers are stubborn witnesses

Orchestral evergreens shelter the

Offspring I’ve raised here

Spider and sparrow and the like

Love doesn’t kill children.

My ground is impermeable, but it holds

The remnants of life ancient to the ignorant

Trials never spoken and never forgotten

Ever forsaken,

I have flown without direction

Though eight eyes watched deadly sin.

Memories--the rhythm of my hand synchronizes

With the slippery breeze

And the insect tells the ice,

“Surrender, light shines through.”

Casting shadows from the webs of lies

And exposing fallen feathers

Rather than bloody claws

Remember the murdered wife?

Retreating to Hades,

Pious frost will bow to forest fires

Who command,

“You have been exposed,”



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