iPhone Revelations That Shook The Customers

iPhone Revelations That Shook The Customers

Apple should have consulted consumers before slowing down their smartphones.

I have personally never used an iPhone, but as much as I have heard about it, it is an engineering marvel. But recently, I have been fascinated by the latest lawsuits against Apple and their numerous iPhone levels still on the market. I wanted to delve deeper into what really happened.

The current revelation regarding Apple iPhones holds that the company made software updates in older iPhones that “intentionally” disabled the CPU of the phones. These CPUs originally reached their maximum clock speeds, before the update. In layman's terms, the phone becomes slower with the update than it was before installing it.

What they did and why they did it (barring too many technical intricacies)

Software updates are called updates for a reason. They consume more power and require higher processing speeds (you can find this on the back of the box your phone came in; 1.85GHz for iPhone 6s and 2.34GHz for iPhone 7). Usually, the higher, the better for the newer updates.

But right now, Apple is facing a dilemma. Everyone wants the new iOS even if they have an older phone that can barely run for two hours after the new update. But, if it doesn’t provide the update to everyone, then the company is in grave danger of lawsuits on the grounds of “equality of phones."

What they decided to do was assess the situation. Older batteries aren’t capable of handling the new software updates. Instead of letting the device shut down, which would normally happen because of the energy consumption over the processing power of the old battery, they decided to slow down the clock speed of the processor in the device. This slows down your phone, but still runs the new iOS software update.

How do we interpret this decision?

You could say that what Apple did was “technically sound,” as instead of letting the device shut down, it just slows down. But Apple, in my opinion, should have consulted its consumers...or at least the subset that still uses older iPhones. If I had an iPhone and they gave me all the technical specifications before the update, I would have opted out of the new software. Apple could argue that people would still not be satisfied, but regardless, they didn’t ask for permission to alter a device that costs the consumer more than $500. Frankly, it's not their money.

I was giving Apple the benefit of the doubt until this news came out. Apparently, if you replace your phone battery for $79 instead of spending $650-$750, you could run the new iOS software on your previous iPhone model without a problem. It was only after making this discovery that I knew what Apple did was abysmally wrong.

Apple coerced their customers into buying newer versions of the iPhone by telling them that the technical specifications of the older model were too low to handle the newer updates. But now, they are telling people that all they needed to do all along was buy a new, $80 battery...not a new, $700 phone. Now, Apple is patching up the holes by offering replacement batteries at lower prices.

So, next time you need the latest and greatest iPhone, maybe opt for a battery replacement for your iPhone 6 instead of dropping a substantial sum on a new gadget. It'll work just the same. How 'bout them apples?

Cover Image Credit: Huff Post

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Why Money Shouldn't Stop You From Living Your Dreams

When there’s a will, there truly is a way.

Some people believe our lives are centered around fate—that our entire lives are already planned out for us and that every event that occurs in life is a result of our destiny. Others believe our lives are ruled by our own decisions, thereby giving us control over the way our lives play out. And there are those that believe in a little bit of both: that you have to put in the work in order to reach your ultimate destiny.

While all of these explanations for the forces that control our lives are valid, our lives, unfortunately, are ruled by little, green pieces of paper: money. Fragile, paper-thin dollars are the force that seems to have taken control over our lives, with each aspect of life revolving around money.

Money, at first glance, seems to cause so much pleasure, but when we take a further look, we discover quite the opposite: that money actually causes so much heartache.

From the moment you start going to school, you are taught to save your money because it will help you one day—it will make you happy. So throughout your life, that is your goal. You’re told to work hard through middle school and high school to get good grades so you can go to the best college (which, mind you, costs a lot of money).

You spend four long and arduous years in college working your ass off to get the best possible GPA. Once you have your degree, you can then start your life as an independent person with no need of help. Except, you thought wrong…

You spent all that time in college taking out loans which need to be paid off by those little green bits of paper, and this is where the fun begins: working eight hours a day, five days a week in your chosen field to earn just enough money to live on while paying all your bills and loans off.

It becomes a nasty cycle of building grand dreams for the future, falling from fantasy land into the real world after realizing there’s simply not enough money to fuel your dreams while life is taunting you with your crushing debt and hefty bills, and ultimately pushing your dreams aside for your electric bill. Goodbye, independence, and hello, debt.

But if there’s anything I’ve learned in the last twenty years of my life, it’s that when there’s a will, there truly is a way. Regardless of the fact that we live our lives based on our paychecks, on tiny, seemingly insignificant pieces of paper, there is always a way to make your dreams a reality.

I truly believe if you work hard enough, if you put away a little bit of that money into your savings every time you receive a paycheck, you will one day be able to cross off something extravagant on your bucket list. It doesn’t matter how long it takes as long as you achieve that goal. Not only will you be ecstatic that you are able to fulfill a lifelong dream of yours, but you will be proud of yourself for never giving up on what gives your life meaning for meager reasons such as money.

Therefore, what is happiness?

When you make all that important money and you pay off all your debts and you have a nice, big house and a brand new car?

Is that when your life is completed?

Is that what the American dream is all about?

I personally don’t care how big my house is or whether my car is brand new or not; I just care about whether or not I am fulfilling my dreams and achieving the goals I have always dreamt of achieving.

And once you adopt the mindset that money is not the beginning nor the end of your life, a sense of freedom envelops you and you are once again lifted from the harsh truth of reality to the curiosities of your dreams.

I will just leave you with a quote I have heard along my travels thus far: “Don’t live to work. Instead, work to live.”

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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10 Reasons Being An Independent Journalist Isn't As Sexy As You Think

I hope you like the McDonalds Dollar menu.

Close your eyes and let your imagination take you away. You probably see a noir, 1920's private investigator, or a young, idealistic young go-getting reporter trying to snag the story of a century.

Looks pretty awesome right?

If you want to get into the field of independent journalism, you might be thinking of the awesome world that is getting to hang out on sets with the beautiful Fox News women before you go on to discuss your latest, groundbreaking findings, or going on tour discussing your recent tell-all book. Well, before you do that here are some things you might want to consider.

10. I hope you like the McDonalds Dollar menu

You make you money off donations, contract by contract gigs with publications that pay pennies, and maybe you crowdfund from time to time. After bills, everyday expenses, that bitch FICA that comes in and takes your money, and all the other expenses you have to cover, you begin to realize you aren't in Kansas anymore, Dorothy. You have to understand that the budget you live on now is at the same level or worse than that of a college student, so get ready cancel Netflix and say hello to the cheap life.

9. You can't just be a "journalist"

If all you think you should do is run around town and investigate stories, you won't 1) make any money 2) build up your brand 3) build a network and 4) practice and learn practical skills. The modern independent journalist should consider but not limit themselves too podcasting, YouTube, photography, video editing, copywriting, editing, social media management, commercial production, live streaming, picture editing, audio engineering, and new media consulting. Get ready to cram that all in one business card.

8. Get ready to break up with the love of your life, sleep

Sleep when you die (or pass out on your couch or desk)

7. If you don't ask for money, you don't make money

I know you don't like asking friends, family, and your audience for money. If it bugs you that much, the bar down the road is always looking for strippers and I hear Uber pays well.

6. "I'm too modest for social media"

If you don't promote your work, nobody else will. The world is full of people better looking, smarter, better connected and way more talented than you. You are the only one to say how awesome you are, so own it.

5. Planes, trains, and automobiles

I hope you like hitching, sitting in coach, and random last minute road trips (oh yeah, you are most likely gonna have to pay out of pocket, so you better start hoping someone wants you as a speaker)

4. "Do You hate America?"

You will have to be blunt with your questions from time to time to get ready for the fury that is asking real questions.

3. Follow the stories no one else will

What you see on the news is a fraction of the craziness that goes on, and sometimes you will be the only one to pursue the groundbreaking truth others are afraid to follow. It is your responsibility as a journalist to report the real story.

2. You answer to yourself and no one else

Forget publishers and producers, you will have to make every tough call and only you can limit how far you go. Get ready to decide whether you want to be the guy or gal that fears tough waters or go all Jason Bourne on what is to come.

1. The world needs the facts

Only you can fight fake news, left or right, there still is such as thing as objective facts.

Cover Image Credit: Luis Roca

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