I'm walking through the streets of Greece, pulling my travel companions with me into the tiny bungalow shops and through all of the fresh vendors. I'm in a developing country with Peace Corps, helping in any way needed to relieve the area of its ailments. I'm in Morocco, looking up at the amazing architecture and intricately tiled walls and marveling at the beauty that mankind has created. I'm in New York, working with a company to change their program into a sustainable business. I'm in a climatology research lab, researching the effects of rising temperatures on our built environments. Next, I'm in Hawaii, sitting in the sand watching my future kids surf through the waves and play in the shore break.

These are glimpses of the future I am envisioning for myself, a future filled with travel, experience, and love. I hope to see myself all around the world, with a foot in every continent and within a heaping handful of countries. While I'm there, I want to see the world, understand the people, experience the culture, and help in any way possible. This future is all I have planned so far. While many students are planning which Med School to apply to, I am thinking about which country I should plan to visit when I get out of college and how to pursue this dream of worldly connections.

Though it's scary to feel so far off base with the rest of my peers, these aspirations are personal and define me, not them. Their aspirations to pursue medicine or lawsuit them, not me. It took me two years to come to this realization; that just because everyone else seems to have their heads screwed on straight, they are not always as self-assured as they seem, and I am not as lost as I may feel. This is my life and therefore I must look within and decide what takes precedence in my own life and what will help to shape the future I hold in my head.

Even though I sound sure, I am still deciding where to steer my life next. And that's okay; change doesn't have to be the big, bad villain that many people paint it as. If it is your change, embrace it, run with it, as far as you can until you find yourself living that future you are envisioning in your head or on your mood boards. Life isn't a race, so let's all slow down to find ourselves and what we truly want. I am sure when we are sitting on that Grecian beach we had always dreamed about, we will thank ourselves for having the courage to follow our own paths.