The ending in the latest installment to the Marvel Cinematic Universe has everyone, from casual watchers to Marvel fanboys, going absolutely bonkers.

In the last few moments we watch many of our favorite superheroes be "erased from existence," but it is hard to follow considering how quickly they all disappear. Here is a list of everyone that dies (whether by the snap or in other manners) during "Avengers: Infinity War," but it's listed in order of importance.

Yes, it is slightly biased, but it is mostly based on how important they will be for the later Marvel movies and overall strength within the MCU.

1. Spiderman

So, of course, I put Spidey as my number one. Mostly because he's the youngest here and newest at this point. Also, the main thing people do need to remember is that "Spiderman Homecoming 2" has already been confirmed, so I'm not worried about if he comes back. Plus, Marvel needs a strong frontrunner soon considering Iron Man and Captain America both want out of the franchise, and this friendly, neighborhood Spiderman is just the guy for the job.

2. Black Panther

This guy better be coming back. This king has a kingdom to take care of, not to mention lots of money to bring in for Marvel. This lead for the movie that broke multiple Box Office records, Marvel would really be dumb to let this guy go. Also, with how many memes around the phrase "Wakanda Forever," Black Panther is still very fresh on everyone's mind.

3. Scarlet Witch

Now she may not have her own personal movie, but there is no doubt she is critical to these movies. A lot of her responsibility was gone after Vision was killed, but she is still insanely strong. Strong enough to destroy an infinity stone people. The line from Okoye, "Why has she been up there all this time?" pretty much sums it up.

4. Loki

This is a very very very biased opinion, but I NEED LOKI. Also, he's the only god besides Thor so he can be very useful against the crazy purple dude. In the case that there will be a need to split up the infinity stones, later on, he's already proved capable to hide the space stone.

5. The Guardians

For this, I will include Gamora with the rest of them since the only one left is Rocket and that is terrible. Anyone that has seen the movies knows that Rocket has a huge dependency on the rest of them to stay sane, no matter how macho an appearance he puts on. Also, this bunch is a fantastic comedic relief for the entirety of the franchise, whether you look at Quill, Rocket, or Drax (the main comedians in the group).

6. Doctor Strange

They had an entire movie dedicated to the man figuring out how to be humble and how to learn the way of the universe. Not to mention, he was in control of the time stone, arguably one of the stronger ones. All this doctor needs to prescribe now is an appearance in the next movie.

7. Nick Fury

It's Fury. He could be higher on this list, but he hasn't been around that often as of late. Plus, he's like that non-existent father figure everyone wants to please, but he just doesn't care.

8. Vision

From here on out these are mostly people that, in my opinion, don't really NEED a comeback. Vision, while being pretty cool, he begins and ends with the stone. If Shuri was able to extract it, this would be a whole other story, but it seems more like Vision isn't in the best standing to come back. However, he is quite strong overall, so if he was back he'd be a great addition to the team.

9. Bucky

Honestly more of an add-on because they wanted more conflict in between Iron Man and Captain America. Bucky never really had to come into the franchise, but it was more of a fun redemption arch the writers could play with. Also, there's a good chance that he picks up Cap's mantle after Chris Evans leaves the franchise, so that would probably be the only real reason to keep him going.

10. Falcon

There's a reason he didn't get much of a "goodbye" while he turned to ash.

11. Heimdall

His role kinda ended considering most people only focused on him because they thought he was the one that was in possession of the soul stone. Once we see that it wasn't him, but Gamora that really had it, his importance really dropped.

12. Maria Hill

Let's be honest, not that important in any real way. Loved her in "How I Met Your Mother," but she could go and nothing really change.