Dear Dad In Heaven,
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Dear Dad In Heaven,

From Your Daughter on Earth

Dear Dad In Heaven,
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It’s not secret that today is Father’s Day.

For me, the month of June has three major events in the family. Both my father and brother’s birthdays are in the month of June on top of Father’s Day. Two of them we really don’t celebrate anymore.

A few years ago, my father passed away, and ever since, I haven’t really celebrated either one. I’ve made a post each day, wishing him a happy birthday than a happy Father’s Day. That was about it. My brother and I would talk about some of our memories here and there. We would go visit his grave.

I remember watching old westerns with him, movies like “Top Gun”, and other shows like, “Gilligan’s Island”.

My father was born in the 1950s, and we would talk about this moments in history that he has lived through. It was pretty cool to hear from someone who lived through those things and what they saw during it. Now that I’m older, I wish I would have talked to him more about those events, and remembered what he said. I wish I could go back to those conversations all the time.

There are times when I wish I could go back. I would have probably enjoyed those moments more. Wouldn’t have taken those for granted.

I was more of a mother’s girl than a daddy’s girl, and I will be the first one to admit it. I was closer to my mother. She was my best friend. Still, he was my father. We had a pretty good relationship for the most part.

When I see those social media posts of people with their dads, I’m filled with mixed emotions. I’m happy for them that they gett o spend this special day with their father’s. That they have their father’s, who are still in their lives. At the same time, I’m sad that I can’t do that with my own father.

If I could spend the day with my father, I would, but I know that he’s up there with Jesus. A much better way to spend the day. I just can’t wait to join them someday. Until then I will keep on celebrating here on earth.

Thank you father for everything.

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