A Letter to My Little Sister
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A Letter to My Little Sister

I'm telling you I love you. Don't get used to it.

A Letter to My Little Sister
Ana Plumlee

Dear little sister,

I’m sitting here at the kitchen table typing this, and you’re sitting in the living room, and have no idea what I’ve got up my sleeve. You think I’m doing homework. I don’t come home much from college anymore, so it’s rare when there’s times like these unless it’s summertime or a long break. Honestly, sometimes I miss being home as often as I used to be. And I guess I’ll admit that I miss you, too. I don’t often get this sentimental and I don’t really say these things enough, so enjoy it while it lasts.

The day you came into this family changed my life. I was already a big sister when you were adopted, but the day you became my little sister was one of the best days of my life and it’s one of my earliest memories as a kid. Who knew that the baby I held when I was 4 years old would become one of my best friends and my sometimes biggest pain? I sure didn’t.

We weren’t always close when we were younger, but that’s usually the case with sisters, especially when the age difference is larger. I didn’t always appreciate you being there. But now that I’m an adult and I’m off doing my thing at college, I miss having you there to do an “outfit” check, vent to, and laugh with till it hurts. You’re a very strong and beautiful woman. Everything that’s been thrown at you has definitely not been deserved, but you’ve gotten through it. The ride really hasn’t been smooth the entire time, but I’m proud of you for getting to where you’re at today.

I see and know that you’re happy doing Animal Care at the Career Center, and I hope I can learn a few things for you regarding that. What really matters the most to me is that you find your place in this world. So many times, you haven’t fit in, but I think now you finally found where you belong. And you found a pretty damn cute pet. You’re on the right track. And I’m proud of you.

You’ve stood by me on my college track and I appreciate that. It’s encouraged me to dream big…and to go big or go home. Last year, I thought about two degrees. And what did I do? I made that a reality for me. So now I’m gonna graduate with two. One for you and one for me. How’s that for lit?! I can’t wait for May 2018….we might graduate that same year, if I can get it together and graduate on time. Those selfies and pictures will be lit. Keep hustlin’.

Thanks for being my ride or die. The past 5-6 years have not been easy, but we’ve gotten through them together. There’s nobody I’d rather do it with.

One day, we’ll both look at each other and say “I kick ass for a living.”

I love you.

Your big sister

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