Dear Sisters,

I never considered myself a "sorority girl." I never thought I had what you all have; the looks, the good grades, the charming personalities, so if any of you told me six months ago I'd be wearing your Greek letters proudly, every day, I'd probably have laughed at you. But here I am, a very lucky Phi Sigma Sigma sister, pouring my heart out and bragging about my amazing 42 new family members.

Each of you hold a piece of my heart, and always will. I'll never be able to explain the overwhelming feeling of love I felt during my first meeting. I have never had more than two or three friends at a time, and even then I was never very close with them. The fact that I now have dozens of amazing ladies in my corner constantly is something I feel very blessed with. All my life I didn't fit in anywhere, with a specific group of people, a clique or even the sports teams I was on. I was always the odd girl out. Here, in this sisterhood, I've felt welcomed from the moment I accepted my bid. Meetings and lunch dates with my girls are the highlight of my week, and I always have someone to confide in and talk to.

I'm forever grateful for my sudden rush of bravery when it came to actually accepting my bid. I was so on the fence about whether or not this was something for me. It was the scariest thing I've done, and I had the worst fear that I'd be rejected once again. What a plot twist for me, immediately being taken under so many of the active member's wings as soon as I had made my decision to join.

Unlike the majority of the girls in my class of new members, I didn't go through formal recruitment. I didn't get to meet many of you, and I didn't get to meet any of the other Beta Iota's. This put so much more fear into my head, thinking I wouldn't make any friends and I'd once again be put on the sidelines. Not only do I love every girl in Phi Sig, but I know they love me back.

I chose a sorority with an amazing set of ideals and morals. What you all stand for and believe in is something I look up to. The empowerment of women, the helping of those in need, and the giving back to children looking for education are things that I have stood for long before I even started college, and finding others who share the same ideals as me is much more powerful.

You are all so beautiful and kind. I aspire to be as smart and tenderhearted as you. You are role models, and women that I want to make proud. My motivation, my drive, and my force behind me pushing me forward. I am forever grateful and blessed to be able to call you family.


Your Sister