Dear Rowan,

I want you to know this: I had the best years of my life here. I'm not saying that I didn't have any tough times. I most definitely did, but I had the most fun here. For that, thank you.

As I graduate college, know that you have not seen the last of me. You're lucky enough to have me again for another two years as I become a Master in Education. You get to take more of my money, and I get to make more memories.

I am really scared for the real world, so that's actually why I wanted to start another school journey here in Glassboro. This place has taught me many things, and I feel the most comfortable at Rowan. It's a great place to be.

Every college has its flaws. The past four years was very stressful, to say the least. I'm sure these flaws will improve or get better. I hope some of the flaws are completely eliminated by the time I'm long gone.

I've made many friends and done many things. I was a part of student activities on campus; I worked and volunteered with them. I've lived in four places and lived with people new and old. I was happy, sad, frustrated, stressed, angry... and now that it's over, I can't help but feel proud.

I've got to say, you put me through hell, but as always, I could somehow handle it and get through it. With the support from my family and friends, it was actually a piece of cake, even though in those moments it felt like the end.

So, Rowan, as I graduate college, I want you to know that much it meant to me. You were my first-choice school for a reason. Although it was bumpy at times, and I mean super bumpy, I can't thank you enough for helping me achieve my goals and dreams.

I can't wait to say that I am a college graduate.

Thank you so much for the best four years of my life.

#Rowan2019 to #Rowan2021