Dear My Maid of Honor

Dear My Maid of Honor,

Thank you for everything you've done for me and everything you will do for me in the future. Thank you for being there when no one else and thank you for being my best friend. You were there through my awkward years and strange times. You were there during all of my laughs and through many of the tears. You were there when I obsessed over every new crush and helped me get over every heartbreak. You were there through insane life choices like what color I'm dying my hair or what to order when we do out to eat. Honestly though, I'm happy you made the choice to become my friend back in high school. I'm forever grateful for you and your ability to put up with my weirdness, my endless rambling and always making me feel like I had someone to turn to.

Okay so I may have not gotten the ring yet, but let's face it we both know that it's coming... eventually. Maybe even sooner than later, but honestly you knew for years now that I would be asking you to stand there and be next to me as I marry the man of my dreams. I wouldn't want anyone else by my side with all the planning, and adventuring, especially with picking out the dress.

I'm thankful I had you when I was first interested in this guy. You gave me great advice and constantly told me I was ready to try, even though I didn't think so. The advice you gave me was to give everyone a chance but never to jump in head first unless they were willing to jump in with you. And well I'm glad listened to you. You always gave me the best advice, though sometimes I wouldn't take it and feel stupid afterward. Anyway, somehow this one passed all your tests and you approve of him. And I'm so glad that you do. Let's face the truth, you're going to know the moment he asks way before I do and hopefully, you're going to be there wherever it happens.

I know you're going to accept the title of Maid of Honor when I officially ask you, but don't worry I'll still ask you in an insanely creative way. And we will venture through this crazy planning process together. I can't wait and I hope you can't either! I want to apologize in advance though for any crazy bridezilla things I might do.

But thank you again for being my best friend, my partner in crime, and my number one. Thank you for saving my sanity, or giving up yours to reach my level. Thank you for all the late night food runs, last minute sleepovers and random shenanigans we have done. Thank you for being there to tell what was and wasn't a good idea. Thank you for being the one I want to be by my side.


Your Best Friend

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