Dear Little Brother, How Was Your Freshman Year in College?

Dear Little Brother, How Was Your Freshman Year in College?

I can't wait for you to return home so that we can plan shenanigans together again.

Hayley Garron

Little Brother,

Today is the day that you are moving back home from your university. I can not wait to give you a hug, and see how much you've grown in your first year away from home. I know how hard you worked this year, and now it is time for you to take a break, and reflect on your freshman year. What do you want to do differently next year? What new clubs will you join? Who will your new roommate be?

I know you must be wondering about these things, but I also know that you are ready to stop thinking about school for a little bit. Well, I can promise you that the two of us will go on many adventures this summer, listen to a lot of your weird punk music, and visit new Asian markets to eat a lot of ramen.

I can't wait to hear about your new (and old) friends, which professors stressed you out the most, and what troubles you got into at parties. All of this is part of the college experience, and growing up.

I look forward to our conversations about psychology, philosophy, and science. I look forward to car rides, arguments, and the most importantly, the companionship that I will have for the three months that you'll be home. And then, when summer once again gives way to the fall semester, I'll let you get back into the car with mom and dad, and wave goodbye as you drive off for your sophomore year.

Little brother, just know that I will always be here for you, and I am sincerely looking forward to hanging with you for the next three months. Hope you don't get sick of me.


Your Big (short) Sister

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