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This is my first attempt at an article on the odyssey. Due to my insanely random, fast pace and all over the place tendencies, (Also known as ADD), this blog, article or whatever it is, will likely take you on more “rabbit trails” than you’ve been on in awhile. So I kindly ask you to bear with me.

First off, is it too bold of me to say that we all battle insecurity in some shape or form? Though I’m not very old, I honestly can’t recall a person I’ve encountered that didn’t deal with insecurity about something. True, some people have more insecurities than others, but the point is we’ve all got it. 3 months ago I had the opportunity to begin writing on here, but haven’t, and it’s not just result of a busy schedule. It was a result of a pretty common insecurity. You know, the one where you don’t do something you actually love because you’re afraid of what people think or if you’ll even do it well. Insecurities come out in all shapes and sizes but it’s wildly vital we recognize our own and what to do about them.

Roughly three years ago I heard a message that has time and time again had the same impact each time I recall it. The pastor speaking, biblically and logically presented that insecurity is pride. While it took me a minute to grasp the correlation, once I did, It not only was astoundingly correct, but it shed light to how to recognize my insecurities, which was straight path to knowing EXACTLY what to get it out in the open when talking to God. Maybe what I’m saying everyone had figured out except me, but regardless I found the revelation captivating and indescribably exciting.

To be blunt, typically, actually 100% of the time, our insecurity is ALWAYS pride. You heard me. Me not doing this out of fear was pride. When we’re insecure about our looks, when we’re insecure about the future, when we’re insecure in our relationships with family and friends, yep, all that stuff is pride. To break it down, to be insecure or prideful, is attempting to form my identity and calling in myself and by myself.

Make sense?

Did I just sum it up in one sentence? Yes.

When I’m constantly worried or stressed about how I look on the outside and it not being good enough, I’m being prideful in not embracing the way God made me. When I’m unhealthfully consumed with figuring out exactly what my next 10 steps in life are, I’m being prideful in having the funny idea that the Lord, without my help, won’t provide and guide me if I continue to obey and trust Him. When I’m constantly creating or contributing to drama, strife, worry, or doubt, and even simply having a self-seeking attitude in a relationship with anyone close to me, I’m prideful in not seeking the wisdom that reading the bible and asking God would give me.

Remember, insecure pride, is attempting to form my identity and calling in myself and by myself.

So basically, without complicating this any further, If you’re dealing with insecurity and struggling with the way it’s effecting your life, it’s pretty simple how to begin a shift. It’s not an overnight thing, it’s a journey. A journey we’re on until we leave this broken earth we’re on to be with Jesus one day. When insecurity manifests through fear, worry, stress, doubt or however, simply put it to rest by first repenting to God for trying to figure it all out on your own and not trusting Him enough to guide you. Secondly, what tomorrow holds, how to treat our close relationships, or whatever it’s regarding, I can promise you there’s more than one verse about it. The Bible is FULL of wisdom and stories that, if we let them , can transform our lives.

So yes, we all have insecurities, BUT we don’t have to live in them. We’ve gotta stop using them as an excuse to not live out who we’re called to be and the plan the Lord has for our lives. Ya’ll, they are tough, but our God is literally waiting and so excited for the day we start the journey. He wants so badly to reveal, teach, and guide us in living though the filter of His heart and word, and not our insecurities. He not only wants for us all to experience the joy in overcoming our insecurity but He’s actually the only way we’ll ever overcome it. No amount of pep-talks, inspirational books, or even what I’m writing now will be enough to get past them. For each one of us, it takes a daily decision to trust Him. A daily decision that says, “God, my identity is in You, and who’ve you made me to be. Guide my heart, actions, attitude, and decisions so that they point back to you. I trust your will and calling, and ask for your guidance to get there.” It’s literally mind boggling the kind of God we get to serve ya’ll, come to him with it and don’t let the insecruities the world and our sinful nature create, control your life anymore.

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