Dear Freshmen, Here's What I Wish I Knew
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Dear Freshmen, Here's What I Wish I Knew

Freshman year was a big transition, and I wish I knew what I knew now back then.

Dear Freshmen, Here's What I Wish I Knew
"Welcome to college. Welcome to the next four years where your life will go on a big and long rollercoaster ride. Hold onto yourself, and try to enjoy the ride."

If i could sum up my freshmen year of college, it would end up being a whole bunch of emotions and lessons learned. There were some things that I learned along the way that I wish someone could have warned me about earlier. I guess if I could go back in time and tell my freshman self some things, this would be it.

1. Let go of high school.
You might still be going through a phase where you are in denial that you graduated from your high school. You might constantly keep looking at your prom and graduation pictures. You may be comparing your new experiences in college with what you did in high school. It's okay, but there's a time to let go. Here is a new door that you are walking into. Let go of high school, and let yourself meet new people. Go and make new memories. Go find the people who will join older group of best friends. Go find yourself. You are never going to be able to make these memories and enjoy your college experience if you're stuck on what is now your past.

2. Say yes to as much opportunities as you can.
You're probably going to hear about a lot of different clubs and organizations to join. You may think that it's not your "thing" because you never saw yourself being part of a group or being involved with a certain group. You would be surprised with how you end up doing the things you say you would never do. You'll catch yourself saying, "Wow I never thought I would do this, but I'm glad I did." It doesn't hurt to give things a try. If it doesn't work out, at least you know you can say that you genuinely tried, and it's not something you see as yourself. Who knows? Maybe you'll find something that fits you perfectly.

3. The person you are dating now may or may not be the person you will continue to date. It's not the end of your romance. It's okay.
Even though you're entering another four years of school, life does not stop. Things will happen that are out of your control, and sometimes relationships do not work out. People grow away from one another. We start to see what really makes us happy, and we start to outgrow one another. Remember that everything happens for a reason. More people will enter your life, so give yourself a chance to accept that reality.

4. The first person you date in college may or may not be the person you will marry.
Just like the person you dated before college may not be the person you will continue to date, someone you are dating in college may not be the person you will marry. We've seen a lot of those cliche movies that show us the possibility of it happening, but don't base your love life over movies. Know that each person that you date will bring a lesson into your life. Remember that you will continue to grow as a person with these relationships, whether they work out or not.

5. Join the school spirit!
This place is your home for at least the next four years. Make it your home. Take pride in what you represent, and make the best out of it. Break out of your shell and use this chance to meet new people.

6. Take care of yourself!
The freshmen 15 is something that can be stopped if you know how to take care of yourself. Nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it. Would you rather look at yourself in the mirror and not be happy with what you see, or would you rather be healthy and be conscious with what you are doing to your body? College is stressful. You will find yourself tempted in pulling all nighters. You will find yourself trying to adapt to all the curveballs that college throws you. It's easy to fall under the stress, but make sure to take some time out of the hectic college life to recuperate and take care of yourself.

7. Know when to have fun, and when to get your things done.
You're going to find yourself stuck in between having to get your last minute assignments done and wanting to go have some fun with your friends. You're going to find yourself asking if it was worth it going out over finishing an assignment as you try to rush the assignment 5 hours before it's due. Prioritize well. It's nice to have an outlet and enjoy your time, but if you cannot balance your social life with school, make sure to fix yourself up. Know when to stop yourself before it's too late.

8. You'll make mistakes here and there, but just pick yourself up.
College is part of a life experience. You're going to find yourself stuck in situations where you have to make a decision. It may not be the best decision after you evaluate all the damage that it's done, but it's okay. We all make mistakes, whether we want to or not. Learn to accept the mistakes that you make throughout this time. Let yourself grow from it. Nobody is perfect at life. We try to pursue for perfection, when we should pursue for progress.

9. Find a group of friends that you can trust, but don't limit yourself to just those people.
Find yourself a group of people who you can depend on. These are the people who you can go-to for almost everything. Find your best friends in college. Find the group of people that you know you can spend endless of nights with. Remember to also allow yourself to expand your horizons and meet new people. It doesn't hurt to associate with new people. Remember each person you allow in your life is someone who will contribute to bettering your life.

10. Remember that college isn't the best ride all four years.
You will find that college gives you some of the best memories, but also some of the memories that you would rather not remember. It will give you sunshine, but also rain. Just know that it is okay to not be okay, and just know that whatever it is that you have to go through, will come to an end. College is a learning experience, so keep pushing on, and enjoy the journey ahead of you.

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