Dear College Freshman: Here's What Not To Do
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Dear College Freshman: Here's What Not To Do

Alright kiddo's, here's a list of things you're probably doing wrong that the upperclassmen want you to correct.

Dear College Freshman: Here's What Not To Do

Freshman year is a big adjustment and as every other college student can attest, you will make mistakes. However, there are mistakes that are completely avoidable and I am going to take the time to tell you about. Whether you focus mostly on school or partying, or a happy medium of both, here are some things you freshman do that annoy the shit out of the rest of us. PSA: DON'T DO THESE THINGS

While On The Party Scene, Don't:

1. Flock to parties.

If there are more than 6 of you, you are flocking. 6 is even pushing it. If you walk around with 20 people from your dorm, you will never get into anything. You also draw a lot of unwanted attention to yourself and others. If you have too many people in your group just split up. Use the find my friend's app or just simply text to stay in touch. This is the 21st century, those apps are around for a reason.

2. Stand around after you don't get into a party.

If some upperclassmen don't let you in, don't just stand there. More people will begin to line up with you and then BOOM, you're back to flocking. If you get denied and don't have another place to go, just start walking. Walk in a big square until you figure it out, but you will get yelled at if you just stand there.

3. Stand on campus while intoxicated and continue to drink.

Go to your party, then come back and go to your room. Loitering around campus will only get you in trouble.

4. Run if you see a cop

They know what you are doing, and they know that water bottle of yours doesn't have any water in it. Own it. If you keep it together and act responsibly there won't be any problems. Act like a dumb ass or act in a way that makes them concerned for the safety of you or others, then there will be some problems.

5. Expect to be let into every party.

Not gonna happen. Even if you tell the person working the door that you are a sophomore, they can still tell you are a freshman. Sometimes you just won't get in.

6. Go out alone

Although my college city is fairly safe, and there are other safe places out there, going out alone is NEVER a good idea.

While In The Dorms, Don't:

1. Lock your door every time you pee.

No one on your floor has the time to go into your room and steal your laptop or speakers or clothes in the two minutes it takes for you to pee. Also when you shower, the need is still not really there. There are enough good people around, including your RA and friends that would step up in the slim chance that someone went into your room.

2. Isolate yourself.

Keep your door open and go to hall events. You might not have friends right away, but if you lock yourself in your room how do you plan on making friends?

3. Break the couches in the study.

Just don't jump on them because they will break and the whole floor will get fined for it if you aren't caught. Don't be that dude.

4. Be obnoxious when you get back from parties.

Go to your room, try to talk in a low voice. If someone comes to you saying you are too loud, don't assume they are some weirdo that hates people who like to have fun. Even people who went out will get annoyed with you, so just be respectful of everyone trying to sleep.

5. Forget to call your mom.

She misses you more than you think, and not only will a chat with her brighten your day, it will 100% makes hers. Call her before your other siblings do to get those extra brownie points.

While Around Campus, Don't:

1. Walk in the wrong lane.

Every walkway and hall way is just like a road. High school should have trained you well for this so stay on the correct side.

2. Text while walking.

Okay, the upperclassmen do this too, but they know how to keep it to a minimum. We understand that right now you are intimidated a little bit and are trying to avoid public humiliation, but keeping your face down and not paying attention to your surroundings is not the way to go about protecting your rep. When there are so many people around, including people on bikes, you are better off paying attention because it would be pretty embarrassing if you ran into a biker or tripped on a step.

3. Not hold the door open.

Everyone is trying to get to class and have a good day so when walking through a door just push it open for the person behind you, even if there isn't a person behind you.

4. Run.

If you're gonna be late, you're gonna be late. 5 minutes doesn't make much of a difference in professors' eyes. Just stay calm and don't let it happen again.

5. Be an asshole with your bike or longboard.

There are people around, it's crowded. You have wheels so most likely you will get to class faster than everyone else will anyway. This isn't the Tour de France or the X Games; slow down.

While In Class, Don't:

1. Be afraid to ask questions.

If asking a question will help you learn, do it. You're paying thousands of dollars to be in class, you might as well understand what is going on.

2. Be on your phone.

Once again, you are paying thousands of dollars. This isn't high school where you can just put in the minimal amount of effort and still get a 4.0. Put down your phone and mentally be present.

3. Skip class.

Aaaaaand for the 3rd time, college is expensive if and you are paying to be here. Go to class. It's okay if you're sick or something comes up, but for the majority of the time, just go.

4. Think no one can hear your phone vibrating.

We all can hear it there on your lap and so can your professor. Just keep it on silent or airplane mode. Even if you don't care that mom and dad are spending a couple g's to put you through school, some people do, so be respectful and put your phone on silent so everyone, including yourself, can focus.

Well kiddo's, I hope you enjoyed this little list of things you shouldn't do. It's okay to feel bad if you have been doing some of these things. This transition is a hard one to make, but you are learning and growing every day. That's all that matters.

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