3 Ways To Overcome 3 Negative Emotions: Anger, Sadness, And Frustration
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3 Ways To Overcome 3 Negative Emotions: Anger, Sadness, And Frustration

After I use these methods to overcome my frustrating moments, I am finally calm enough to find a solution.

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What are the things that I do to get over angry or sad moments? This list is meant to show people that the below list works for someone.

1. Cry it all out

I used to value the ability to force down tears, to keep myself calm and collected even when I felt like crying. I didn't want to seem unstable even if I was truly on the edge. I realized quickly after reaching college that the fake smile I put on after forcing down tears turns people away. They notice that there is something wrong with me, but because I say "I'm fine" all the time, they eventually give up trying to understand me. I'm not saying that crying must be done in public; I am saying that crying is cathartic. After crying, I feel better about what happened even though I did nothing to resolve the situation.

2. Exercise to distract yourself

As someone who typically gets tired of running within one minute, I know that exercise takes a lot of concentration and effort. And that's the recipe for taking your mind off of the situation. Oftentimes when I start my run, my mind is processing my frustration or anger at a crashing rate, but after a couple of minutes, all I can think about it "one, two, one, two," trying to match my breath with my steps. There is probably a scientific explanation for the reason behind feeling good after exercise (such as a dopamine release), but all I know is that exercise clears my mind and allows me to calm down.

3. Write down all of your feelings

Journaling allows me to process my anger. Different from exercise, journaling allows me to rant on and on about how a friend wronged me or how my parents don't trust me and how both of those things make me frustrated. Journaling creates the space for me to vomit out all my emotions; the page has listening ears. There are parts of my journal that I can spot easily. My handwriting is fast and furious and occasionally I even curse. After those moments, I feel like I can leave my anger in those pages.

After I use these methods to overcome my frustrating moments, I am finally calm enough to find a solution. Crying, exercising, and journaling can be a one-time deal for the moment, but they can also be used continually if I'm still angry. Ultimately, they help me avoid disastrous behaviors and encourage me to become a self-controlled person.

What helps you get over angry or sad moments? Do you draw, read, or knit? Do you listen to music? Do you talk to a friend?

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