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The Days Of The Week As Told By Puppy Gifs

Dogs understand.

The Days Of The Week As Told By Puppy Gifs

Every day of the week is unique, to say the least. Although they don't have to get up for work or go to class on a Monday, dogs truly relate to the struggle we face every day. Here are the days of the week as told by the cutest pups around:


The worst day of them all. Trying to get out of bed is actually the biggest struggle. How many more days until the weekend again?


Okay, getting out of bed on Monday is very hard, but you know what's harder? Staying awake in class on a Tuesday. The weekend is really hitting you now.


HUMP DAY!! So close, yet so far. We all need some serious assistance getting through this day.


Thirsty Thursday, the ultimate tease for the weekend. At this point, it's hard to contain one's excitement.


An accurate representation of everyone submitting their work so that they're free of responsibilities and can start pre-gaming.


Friday was pretty cool, but Saturday night is sure to be better. A full day to yourself without any classes. Where's the party?


Sunday, the day where it is a competition to see who can accomplish the least amount of work. This dog completely understands. No matter how hard someone tries, they will NOT get up. Wake me up when the week is over.

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