Days Are Not Promised: A Poem
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Days Are Not Promised: A Poem

We fill our calendars with plans for the future; planning out every single day, before the day has been gifted to us. Forgetting to cherish the moments right in front of us, for one day we will not be able to experience a day on our calendar.

Days Are Not Promised: A Poem
Dustin Allen Ferrell

black ink soaked calendar

thrown away with the rest of the rubbish

once a calendar filled with plans

(hopes and dreams)

planning days upon days ahead

forgetting that days within the calendar are not promised

some days will come; but for others days will be cut short

days full of plans dashed and destroyed; cut with a quick incision

my darling all we are promised is the here and now

in front of me you stand; ocean eyed and unwavering

another moment with you; a moment that fills the void of an uncertain lifetime

these moments mean more than the calendar I used to fill with plans

for, you are my here, you are my now

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