Raise your hand if you find yourself drifting off for a slight second and getting lost in some foreign world! Your mind is wandering and you have without a doubt started to daydream. This happens to me often when I'm in lecture and sometimes all I really want to do is walk at the beach on a resplendent sunny day. Daydreaming is actually beneficial to both the mind and body. Even if it is only for a slight second or a few minutes, you get the chance to divert your mind into a more hedonist and stress-free frame of mind which can provide a lot of personal satisfaction.

Psychologically speaking, daydreaming has been thought of as a method to escape from the daily routine of life and to simply take a rejuvenating break. It is completely normal for everyone to feel this way when the everyday activities of life just become mundane and lackluster. Essentially, your world of fantasy becomes reality in your mind for a few moments and you end up living your life through daydreaming.

According to psychotherapist F. Diane Barth, "Daydreams, like night dreams, have several layers. The topmost layer is the one that we often know best. That's the one that comes out when children talk about what they want to do when they grow up. It's where fantasies of our wedding, or how many children we are going to have, or where we're going to live or go for a vacation get expressed. It's what psychoanalysts call the manifest content of thought — the content that's most visible to our conscious minds."

She also mentions how our illustrious and colorful daydreams may guide us further towards the direction of life. For instance, fantasies of how your dream wedding will happen may actually result in that same manner if proper planning is done. There seems to be a high chance that you will use your daydreams to plan your future and make changes if needed to fully meet your desires and needs. Surprisingly, a person's daydreams are more probable indications of their future which will enable them to work on their present to make it resemble the future more. Your daydreams do actually tell you a lot about yourself and what hidden desires you may harbor!