A Day Without Coffee Is Like ... Just Kidding, I Have No Idea
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A Day Without Coffee Is Like ... Just Kidding, I Have No Idea

Understanding coffee complexity

A Day Without Coffee Is Like ... Just Kidding, I Have No Idea
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Being a barista has taught me one thing: people need their coffee. Coffee is a fundamental peace that unites and caffeinates, keeping mornings bearable or late night studying possible. Before I started packing espresso shots or trying to remember if that lady wants soy or almond milk, I had pretty much assumed ordering at a coffee shop was impossible. With all those complicated drinks on the board and the cashier waiting for my order, I had given up expanding my coffee habits.

Since then, I have realized the regular's who order the same exact drink every day or other caffeine-crazed college kids may feel stuck in a loop of coffee confusion. After this article, you may just feel the need to rush to your local coffee shop and order a macchiato with coconut milk or even brave trying black coffee with agave syrup. Whatever you may decide to try, here is Coffee 101 to make you feel like your own barista.

Black Coffee: While seeming easy enough to explain, all coffee isn't the same. Coffee beans can be roasted for shorter or longer periods of time, giving each a different flavor.

Dark Roast: (Try if you want a strong taste!) Dark roasts are the beans that are ground into espresso, it doesn't have a bitter or acidic taste. A dark roast coffee also contains the least amount of caffeine content.

Medium Roast: (Try if you want a flavorful coffee taste!) These can fall into two types: medium roast and medium-dark roast. The biggest difference? A medium roast creates a surface that won't have an oily coating on top and medium-dark will have a semi-sweet or bitter aftertaste to it.

Light Roast: (Try if you want the most natural taste!) A light roast will have the most caffeine being they are roasted the shortest amount of time. The bean will taste the most acidic or have a deep flavor.

Iced Coffee: Self-explanatory right? Just coffee with ice!

Espresso: Dark coffee ground, pressed and compacted. If in need of a pick me up, add espresso to coffee (sometimes called a Black Eye) or even just drinking a shot! (Just don't have too many). Espresso is in most drinks like latte's or can be added to Frappes.

Americano: Espresso mixed with hot water.

Latte: Espresso added to steamed milk to create a small amount of foam on top. Lattes are perfect to add flavors to and can be both hot or cold.

Cappuccino: Like a latte, a cappuccino is espresso with steamed milk. The biggest difference is a cappuccino has more foam than a latte.

Breve: A latte that instead of milk, has half-in-half with foam on top.

Café Au Lait: Half espresso, half steamed milk.

Macchiato: Espresso with just a tad bit of steamed milk on top.

Frappe or Blended Coffee: A mix of espresso, milk, and powder or syrup blended together with ice to create a thick, cold favorite. (Think coffee milkshake).

You are now an expert and can be the friend who orders the complicated drink. But not to complicated- be nice to your barista. We struggle sometimes too. As for me? I never go wrong with my favorite: a chai latte hot with almond milk and a double shot of espresso.

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