The Day I Met David

This past Friday morning I traveled with two classmates to a homeless shelter, to interview some people and learn their stories so that we can share them to shed light on homelessness in Hall County.

Originally I didn’t want to go that morning. I wanted more time to myself and for some reason, I decided to go. So I went and I got to speak with a really cool man named David.* I was getting material for an article that would be about David and his connection to homelessness, when we got to the topic of birthdays I came to find out that David and I share the same birthday.

I learned about David, his past struggles and how he ended up where he is today. And along the way he taught me a few things that I needed to hear. You see David learned about God throughout his journey. He learned of God’s promises and he learned that he was supposed to share those things with others.

Now I know this sounds very cliche, but I went there to hear a story, to help a comminuty of homelessness but in the end I was the one who needed the help and gained the most from that visit. I’m not sure if David knows it, but I believe that God used him that day to help me understand something that I struggle with.

David shared with me his favorite Bible verse, Colossians 2:6-7. A verse declaring thankfulness to God and rooting yourself into the gospel. He taught me that even when he was homeless his trust and faith was with God. He knew that God was going to take care of him as long as he trusted and submerged his beliefs he knew that whatever situation he was in, was Gods will and had a purpose.

Lately my thoughts have been anxious, I have been interviewing for internships that I really want and what David said helped me remember that I should have all my faith and trust in God. I should know that God has my best interests at heart, that god has a plan for my life. And he will use that plan and I shouldn’t be wary of what is to come. If all my trust and faith is with God then there is no need to worry. I have the hardest time trusting God in that way.

David shared with a devotional/sermon about how some may have some things but I may not. From where God has my best interests at heart and that “others may be rich but live in sin and I may love in poverty because he wants you to have something worth far more than gold.” I highly suggest you looking up Others may - you may not.

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