You know, this was not my original article idea. I had my first kiss a couple of days ago and I was originally going to write about it because in my article where I talked about having my first boyfriend I said at the end will I write about my first kiss.

But that all went out the window when I woke up one Sunday morning with a nasty cold.

How did that cold come about? A football game. Not just any football game, but an away football game.

So now here I am, sitting on my bed with a glass of milk and a Try Guys video pulled up to watch while I write this article and after I'm done, I'm door dashing Chipotle.

Next week will be the article about my first kiss.

Let's start this back when I found out that my college's marching band (which I am a part of) was going to travel to the University of Notre Dame to watch our football team play as well as perform on the field there at halftime. Yes, I was excited for it to happen and then suddenly in a blink of an eye, it came.

So the day finally came, and I spent an entire day in South Bend, Indiana watching my university's football team get slaughtered. Yes, we were all expecting that result. We didn't score a single touchdown. But however, during the game, it rained. Yes, it rained, and as a person who is also carrying a woodwind instrument, it's not good for my instrument.

The game ends, we get on the busses, head back to Ohio, put our uniforms away, and head home. So I finally get home and essentially pass out on the couch. Everything is going great.

Until I woke up.

My nose was stuffy, my head was congested, my throat was dry...I had a cold.

Even my mom knew when talking to her on the phone that I had a cold. And it was because of the rain from yesterday's game and that it was literally becoming fall (which I am grateful for I am done with the hot weather I want sweaters and jeans weather right now).

So here I am, a couple of hours later, rushing to finish this article about how I am doing after the craziness of yesterday's football game. I am still sick. But I did go to church and got some groceries on the way back to the apartment. Later I got to go get my friend from a bus station and then come back so it's already a busy day, but hey I already had a great weekend. I went on a double date, ate at Olive Garden for the first time, had my first kiss, PERFORMED AT FREAKING NOTRE DAME I MEAN COME ON, and got to be around amazing people.

Yes, I know the title is about the football game, but I would say this weekend was great.

Now, to watch more of the Try Guys.