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to the Father who chose to miss out on everything, Thank you

Thank you for letting me know I could do anything- without you.

to the Father who chose to miss out on everything, Thank you

Dear Dad,

I spent most of my younger years wondering why you didn't come around much. Why I didn't see you but twice every few months. I use to think I was the problem, but I know now that it was not me, it was you. So thank you.

False promises, missed school lunches and wishing me a late "Merry Christmas" became a routine thing. I questioned who I was as a person. Was I not the daughter that you wanted? Should I be a little more of this and a little less of that?


Thank you, for letting me question myself. Because if I hadn't I wouldn't see myself as the bright star I am today.

Thank you for missing my cheer competitions, and football games. For letting me know that I could do anything with you. Thank you for showing me at a young age I could never get my hopes up too high. Keep your expectations a little lower than you want them to be just so you don't get disappointed, but always know your worth. Thank you, for teaching me the characteristics to not look for in a man, and the few characteristics that they should have.

I don't mean to sound harsh, but I feel sorry for you that you missed all of these wonderful things.

I think that the way this life has played out for the both of us was how it was meant to be. I've tried to think of scenarios where you were still present, and where I would've spent weekends with you but I can't bring up that picture in my mind.

God's plan for me was to become a strong-willed woman who could conquer all and because of you, I know that I am on the way to being just that. I have more mountains to conquer than a father who wasn't here for me but this one is difficult...was difficult. I understand now that it wasn't me- it was you, and the only thing I can do is thank you.

Thank you for leaving me to be raised by the most independent woman I know, because she has been a mom, a dad, a best friend, and a shoulder to cry on more times than you could ever think of.

I forgive you, for all of the missed school activities, and the missed holidays, I will excuse you for those absences. But only because you've already punished yourself by missing the bright light that is my happiness.

I forgive you and I thank you.

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