Dating And Boys

Dating And Boys

Always trouble

Sometimes gross and always weak.

To find, we sold. To ignore, we gave.

Messages took the moron about the cruel idiocy, stupidly but quickly.

Breakups -- stupid morons!

How does the freak not cheat?

God jerks...

As the boys are, the dates bought hardly.

Sometimes weak and always small.

Love, apathy, and ever hatred.

How does the freak not hide?

Secret and car, damn, sh*t! hos like the apathy.

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15 Things You Should Do For Lent This Season

Lent is so much more than going to fish fry's and giving up eating your favorite candy.

Lent is so much more than going to fish fry's and giving up eating your favorite candy for the season. Lent is a time of reflection. It is a time to better yourself in thanks for all that God has done. Typically around this time of the year, you and your friends talk about the things you're going to give up and how hard it is going to be. But what are the good things you are going to do this Lenten season? The things that will actually make an impact? Here is a list of things you can do to get you started!

1. Stop gossiping

2. Try not to lie

3. Don't be jealous

4. Do community service

5. Pray more

6. Say thank you more

7. Say I love you more

8. Say I'm sorry more

9. Say I forgive you more

10. Perform a random act of kindness once a day

11. Donate to the less fortunate

12. Fasting

13. Write a journal about self-improvement

14. Read parts of the Bible

15. Reflect more

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Failure Through Forgiving Eyes

When failure is great, run to grace.

Today I failed

Not at the big things, that make my heart beat faster

But at the seemingly small things, that fill my days

Failure, is just a word

But it scares even the most fearless

And it trembles the hardest of hearts

But failure is just a word

It is not an action, or a verb

Just a word

But it is a word that carries meaning

It carries weight and fear

It can sometimes even become our identity

There is just one thing we must remember

We can forgive and be forgiven

From our failures and our fear of failure

I call this failure through forgiving eyes

Not just forgiving ourselves

But God forgiving us

Yes, failure carries weight

But forgiveness is weightlessness

When we forgive and are forgiven

Our lives reveal that grace

Oh, sweet grace, is our lifeline

It is saving grace

That gives us forgiving eyes

To see every failure and every fear of failure

As forgiven

Failure through forgiving eyes

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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