When I Say ‘I Am Too Busy’ To Date, That’s Not An Excuse, It’s My Reality

When I Say ‘I Am Too Busy’ To Date, That’s Not Just An Excuse, It’s My Reality To Deal With

Being busy isn't necessarily a bad thing, it is how I thrive best.

Seriana Moya

When it comes to dating, I could say that I do not have the best of luck.

I have always been one to keep myself busy even on my 'off' days. I go to school full time, about 5-6 classes a semester. I also just started a new internship and I will add another one to my schedule for next semester. (I know I'm crazy). To top it off, I also have two jobs.

You can say that my dating life, is pretty much nonexistent.

I have tried a couple of different relationships throughout the years of college and they have not lasted long because of my busy schedule. When I tell people I am interested in that 'I am too busy' they sometimes don't believe that someone can just have that much on their plate. But guess what? I do.

People from the past have not always understood it exactly what it means to be busy. They think it is just a simple excuse, but when you see my calendar I barely have time to breathe.

I have found that this time in my life is when I can be the most productive because you have the most momentum as a girl in her early twenties. I would rather get a kick start on my education and career than having to spend a lot of my time worrying if I will be in a relationship or not.

Of course, when I am interested in someone and have a busy schedule I let that person know right off the bat, they might not understand it at first. They will think it is just another excuse because you are not interested. When that isn't the case at all. Yes, you may have some time, but I usually let that time be for me to not have a meltdown from everything else.

In today's world, dating is a term that's used loosely anyway.

Everyone wants a relationship, but without the responsibility of it and without a title. So, when it comes to dating for me, I am iffy about it because the person can say they want one thing and want something completely different.

Being busy means having priorities and for me, dating really isn't a priority for me right. Let alone prioritizing the time to meet someone and get to know them better. I honestly would rather focus on my job and myself if someone cannot understand that then I am not hurt about it because I am not used to it.

Sometimes when I say I'm busy, there is a slim chance that I really am not busy at the moment, but I don't want to commit myself to something or hang out and that is the hard truth. I would honestly rather be laying in bed with my dog and watch Netflix than going out. I am not going to lie when I say this, but I feel like when this happens, I have totally earned it.

Even writing for the Odyssey has definitely kept me busier than I am.

Meeting deadlines for articles, revising if needed and just promoting my work. Some people do not understand that even simply writing an article takes up my time.

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