I Dare You To Write The Book Of Your Life

I Dare You To Write The Book Of Your Life

Open The Notes On Your Phone Or A Document On Your Computer.

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Some say that it would take a lifetime for someone to fully understand the book of your life, so how could you even begin to figure out how to write it? Even so, I dare you to try. Open the notes on your phone or a document on your computer. Find a paper and pen and simply begin.

No, I am not referring to writing your autobiography, though if you do - congrats. The book of your life in this sense is much less tangible. Please, stay with me here.

Brainstorm your hopes and dreams in a stream of consciousness. Misspell words and forget about proper punctuation. Let the little, red, squiggly lines show up underneath the words on your screen and resolve to grammar/spell check later. Write for days, months, and years. Write for the next 5 seconds. You can do anything for 5 seconds. Struggle through the writer's block, be creative in finding new ideas. It is much easier to grow if you graciously accept the Editor’s notes. Rewrite, revise and refine.

Write music. Find others to collaborate with. Give credit where credit is due and interact with other writings. Not only that but be affected by other’s writings. Write of not just one part of your life, but the entirety. Share your experiences, your hopes, your fears, and your plans. Open the pages to others, let them read the dark passages and the joyous ones.

No need to curate your writings to stay “on brand” like you’ve so desperately tried to make your Instagram feed. Instead, write the book of your life as the student/athlete/teacher, the artist/guard/nerd, or the librarian/actress/vocalist. Give space for the kind characters to grow in your book, let go of the ones who caused pain.

Allow plot-twists to unfold and flip your world upside down. Let the pages be stained with tears and food-grease. Let the red wine you shared with friends last night and the dirt from underneath your fingernails speckle the pages. There is no such thing as writing your life well or poorly, but rather writing with energy or without. Giving an effort or not caring at all. Empathy and apathy are at play. You can get it just, right. Just, write. Write infinitely...

Write life infinitely….


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