Since coming to college, I’ve been trying new things. I was always told it was important to do that. So, I’ve been putting myself out there and joining different organizations, a sorority, clubs, and DemonTHON. I was a morale captain on the committee that puts together our 24-hour dance marathon that benefits Lurie Children's Hospital. Lots of these organizations do philanthropy work, something I had never really done before this year. Most Greek life philanthropy events are just fun activities, but some even require going out of my way to raise money for a good cause. Just this year, I had to raise $200 for the polar plunge that benefitted Special Olympics of Chicago.

I think being involved with DemonTHON has made me a better person.

Throughout the year I became more and more connected with this cause, going to the hospital, waking up at 6 a.m. to go canning in the cold and meeting the kids. It was the first time I was directly working for a cause. I was so dedicated to planning the event, raising money and trying to get others involved.

Meeting all these kids at the event made it so real. It’s one thing to be told that you’re making a difference, but to actually see that difference when the big number comes up on the screen, made my eyes fill with happy tears. There is so much emotion that comes with dancing for 24 hours, being awake for even longer that makes what you are a fighter for so much more apparent to you.

We’re fighting for a cure.

I don’t think that hit me until I watched a little girl in remission sing “Fight Song” at the big event. It was only the second hour and I was weeping. I always believed that everyone should have some type of cause, human rights, animals rights. I thought mine was just animals, but I learned this year that you can fight for so much.

You can give up eating meat, you can jump into a freezing cold lake, you can dance for 24 hours and make the world a better place, just a little bit.

Working so hard all year to raise money for these kids, helped me see that we can actually do something to make the world a better place.

We can actually achieve change.

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Seeing the change I can make in the world, makes me want to keep working towards it. If you start to work for a cause, even just a little, we can all become better people.

Maybe one day we can all find a cure to the sickness in the world, and we can all dance to celebrate.