Really, folks, dairy cows aren't that hard to understand. Of course, you know they make milk, but that's about all most people know. But what about all the different kinds of them? You don't have to be a dairy farmer to be informed. I myself am not a dairy farmer, but I do love cows. So let me break down the different dairy breeds for dummies.

Holstein's - The Public Image

This is the cow you're going to think of when you hear the words 'dairy cow.' They're known for their large size, being the biggest of the six common U.S. breeds, and their typically black and white distinctive markings.

Guernseys - Mooing Puppies

Really, they're like giant lap dogs I swear. This breed is known for their often gentle nature. Their milk tends to be high in butterfat, giving it an almost gold-like color, which is why they're nicknamed the Royal Breed.

Jerseys - The Cute Girl Next Door

With their beautiful coloring and long eyelashes who wouldn't love these guys? They're the second most popular breed in the States behind the Holsteins. They're the smallest breed, but produce a high milk yield making them favorable by many.

Brown Swiss - Great Grandma Cow

I say this for a few different reasons. A.) they're thought to be the oldest dairy breed to date and B.) they're known to be relaxed, obedient and easy going cows. Their coloring makes me think of greying hair and I just love their ears.

Ayrshires - The Mooing - Lisa Of Cows

A lot of people absolutely love the coloring of this breed, claiming them to be the most beautiful. Hailing from Scotland originally they can adapt well to rougher terrains than others.

Milking Shorthorns - "That's a dairy cow?"

When people think Shorthorns they tend to think beef. They're actually two separate breeds, even though yes there are beef Shorthorns and Milking Shorthorns. Breeders love them for their versatility, I love them for their pretty coloring.

Well folks, there you are, dairy breeds aren't that hard. Hope you learned something!