The number of people complaining about the end of "Game of Thrones" is seemingly endless.

Though the cast and crew did an amazing job of bringing Westeros back to the screen one last time, they did it in spite of, not because of, the writing.

Though for the most part, I agreed with where each character ended up, Daenerys Targaryen is the one that I think was royally screwed up.

From out-of-character actions to accelerated plot lines, here is what I think went wrong with Dany's character development and how it could have easily been handled differently.

Warning: There will be spoilers for the entirety of the "Game of Thrones" TV series in this article.

Let's start at the beginning. Daenerys Targaryen starts out practically a slave to her brother, sold into marriage with a man whose culture, language, and customs are vastly different from her own.

Not only does she rise up against her horrible circumstances, but she adopts the culture, learns their language, and earns so much respect from the Dothraki that they are willing to take the risk to cross the sea just to fight for her.

And everywhere that Dany goes, she leads with kindness and a strong sense of justice, freeing slaves and burning all that oppress her people.

Now though this all seems great, every time she burns someone who stands in her way, it is a bit disconcerting how little she feels watching people literally burn alive. She also needs people like Jorah and Missandei to keep her morals in check sometimes.

This could be seen as foreshadowing her actions in season eight (burning thousands of innocent people in King's Landing), but foreshadowing isn't the same as character development.

Though the seeds were planted for Dany possibly snapping and going on a murderous streak, the writers tried to grow these seeds way too quickly.

The writers spent seasons convincing the audience that Daenerys wasn't going to be like her father. When her dragons killed one innocent child, she locked them away. When Jon Snow asked her to help defeat the White Walkers, she delayed her conquest of King's Landing - what she had been waiting her whole life to do - to help him save innocent lives.

And I'm supposed to believe that only two episodes later she kills thousands of innocent people for no reason?

Daenerys has been my favorite character ever since the show began. She was a symbol of strength for me and thousands around the globe. She showed that even if you're torn down a million times, you just need to get back up and you'll come out stronger than ever.

For that whole narrative to end in her being put down like a dog by Jon made me feel cheated.

Now, I'm not necessarily mad that the writers went down the Mad Queen route. "Game of Thrones" is all about subverting expectations, so a good character turning evil wouldn't be out of the ordinary.

But if they were going to go down that road, they needed to build up Daenerys' madness for at least a season, giving her moments where she considered killing innocents, then didn't, or chose not to save innocents.

Also, if they had had Rhaegal get killed in the fifth episode rather than the third, right as the surrender bells were ringing, that would have made Dany's snap seem more natural and give it more of a reason for happening.

Also, the writers could have still given Daenerys a tragic end without making her into a Mad Queen by having her die in the attempt to take King's Landing, choosing to surrender rather than kill innocent people. This way she could have kept her character's integrity while still providing the shock value of her getting killed.

Whichever scenario, after everything Daenerys Targaryen has been through in that past ten years, she deserved a better sendoff from this show that has impacted millions.