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CWRU Book Project

The Club That Takes Nothing and Gives Everything

CWRU Book Project
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Take a walk around the CWRU campus and count all the books you see. Chances are you'll be overwhelmed by the number of books. From classrooms to atriums to libraries to dining halls, books are everywhere. It's hard to imagine CWRU without books. There wouldn't be the file you downloaded last semester that crashed your computer or the book you're using as a paperweight. You wouldn't be looking at the textbook you thought you needed but never ended up using. But you also wouldn't be thinking of the book that saved that class for you or the one that you met your best friend through You wouldn't be clutching that book that seems to hold the key to your dreams or the one that told you that maybe your dream wasn't your dream after all. Some of us are writing books, some are talking about them, almost all are reading them. They're part of our lives.

And yet, there are lives untouched by books, lives lived without opening a tome. Can you imagine never having read your favorite book or not being able to talk about what's important to you because you don't have the necessary tools of communication.

There are countries with literacies rates in the 30's. These statistics denote literacy in the whole country, not just rural areas! There are entire communities where people do not know how to read or write. In many instances, there are many dialects in these areas as well. As a result, people cannot communicate with one another.

In this age of information, people are prevented access to and sharing of information.

In many cases the preventing factor is money or resources.

One cannot always travel to countries around the world and teach them to read; one cannot always set up schools in countries all over the world; on one's own. One cannot always donate enough money to build libraries all over the world. One can barely do this for one's on surrounding.

Together we can.

We do not need to donate exorbitant sums of money or an entire library's worth of books.

We can join a club that raises money for this cause. We can volunteer at book drives and book sales. We can change lives a few and thousands of miles away. And when we stand together, it takes no great effort from us.

But it gives a great deal. To the world. The person who now has the chance to open up a book may be the person who cures disease or invents the next 'wheel'! The person who learns and communicates could revolutionize the world, save lives...or just be whoever they want to be. Doesn't every life deserve the chance to be whoever they wish to be? And books. reading, knowledge, communication can enable that. And no matter what happens next, the world thrives. After all, as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said, "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."

We must act in the pursuit of justice and equality. There are many ways one can do this, but there is one that stands out, for its limitless reverberations, ease, and accessibility. There is one cause that is noble and just and requires nothing from those who devote themselves to it. There is one cause that helps near and far, today and tomorrow.

Stop by 11-1 Thursday in Tink or 12-1:30 Friday in Nord! There are plenty of opportunities available! Get involved as a volunteer, member, or exec in our member-oriented club. We're flexible, fun, and philanthropic.

Join us Friday's from 12:30 to 1:30 as we change the world- parts we see every day and parts we dream of seeing.

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