5 Fashion Struggles Curvy Girls Wish Everyone Else Would Get Straight

5 Fashion Struggles Curvy Girls Wish Everyone Else Would Get Straight

When it comes to fashion, being curvy can be both a blessing... and a curse.


I just want to begin with the simple fact that every body type is beautiful.

Whether you're small and petite, or thick and curvy, you are beautiful... embrace your body and love every part of it. In recent years I've accepted my latin curves, and I've learned to work with my hourglass frame. Although I have my -ish together now, when my hips first broke in it was a STRUGGLE!

Dressing for my body type is still challenging. That being said, here are a few of the most daunting fashion choices curvy girls face:

1. Wearing Shorts

What should be a simple fashion choice, is a curvy girl's Summer nightmare. Every two steps, I find myself stopping to tug at the length of my rising shorts. This constant tug-of-war doesn't look cute, or feel cute.

2. V-Necks

They're comfy and appealing, but they can also be a little exposing. Plunging necklines make it difficult for people to keep direct eye contact; I get it. So whenever I talk to someone when wearing a v-neck, I've learned to place a protective hand over my chest... for everyone's sake.

3. Jeans Jeans Jeans

Wearing jeans is all fun and games until one of your belt loops break. For those who don't know, curvy girls are constantly pulling their jeans up. In order to do so, we place all of our trust in the built-in belt loops. But occasionally, too much tugging causes them to snap. And just like that, one of your favorite jeans can quickly be demoted. The pulling isn't even our only problem. If we don't buy the stretchiest jeans in the store, we won't be able to sit down; which means mom jeans are a no-go.

4. Not Wearing a Bra

This is not an option, I repeat, this is not an option. Unless you have the proper reinforcements, a bra MUST be worn. This makes it hard to duplicate certain trendy looks rocked by our fave celebs, but sacrifices have to be made.

Bra's are especially recommended when working out. Trust me, with the perfect sports bra you'll finally be able to run on the treadmill.

5. Baggy Vs. Skin Tight

One of the biggest curvy girl fashion struggles is trying to find an outfit that looks appropriate. If I decide to put on a baggy sweater, I'll look 200 pounds heavier than I am. But if I wear something skin-tight to show off my curves, I end up looking way too sexy. Sometimes, what would be a regular outfit for any other girl, looks overly sexualized on me... unintentionally.

I've been criticized many times for wearing outfits that were "too revealing", when really, if I wasn't curvy it wouldn't have been an issue. As a society we need to stop blaming curvy women for the body they were born into. We already have to deal with the our many fashion struggles, therefore the prodding opinions of others aren't necessary.

So curvy girls... JUST DO YOU!

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