Currently Trending: 5 Stories From The Week Of February 16 To Read Today
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Currently Trending: 5 Stories From The Week Of February 16 To Read Today

A weekly roundup of Odyssey's Currently section.

Currently Trending: 5 Stories From The Week Of February 16 To Read Today

Here are the top five pieces you missed from our creator last week.

1. Wendy Williams' Rant About Gay Men Continues A Homophobic Pattern

By Rocco Papa

Former radio personality Wendy Williams went on a rant about Galentine's Day and some men in the LGBTQ community were offended by her opinion.

2. Elizabeth Warren Has The Third-Most Delegates, Why Is The Media Erasing Her?

By Jen Lambert

"Despite Warren's consistently strong place in this race, she continues to be overlooked by the national media. She still has teams on the ground in Super Tuesday states and is organizing everywhere possible, something that is not true of other campaigns."

3. Bloomberg's Campaign Isn't A Joke, It's Very Real — And Very Dangerous

By Patrick Elliott

Mike Bloomberg's campaign is definitely not a joke and one creator argues voters should take that very seriously.

4. Rush Limbaugh's Hit On Pete Buttigieg Is Presidentially Endorsed Homophobia

By Emily Hiles

"There are plenty of valid reasons to critique Pete Buttigieg and his candidacy. His sexuality is not one of them."

5. 21 Tweets To Help Make Sense Of Nevada's Democratic Debate

By Tyler Lyman

If you missed the Democratic debate in Nevada, check out these tweets to catch you up.

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