Why Is The Media Writing Off Elizabeth Warren?
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Elizabeth Warren Has The Third-Most Delegates, Why Is The Media Erasing Her?

Many pundits have been fast to write off Warren's campaign even though she continues to poll well nationally.

Elizabeth Warren Has The Third-Most Delegates, Why Is The Media Erasing Her?

#WheresWarren trended nationally on Twitter after Elizabeth Warren was left out of an NBC/WSJ poll of potential general election matchups. The same poll had Warren polling in fourth place nationally, trailing Sanders, Biden, and Bloomberg, respectively. Warren supporters were outraged that she was left out of the match-up poll considering her position in national polls and her delegate count from the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary. So far, Warren has picked up eight delegates, placing her third in the overall delegate count behind Buttigieg and Sanders.

Many supporters were especially dumbfounded that Amy Klobuchar was included in the match-up poll over Warren. Klobuchar is in fourth place in the overall delegate count with seven and was polling in sixth (last) place nationally in the same NBC/WSJ poll.

The #WheresWarren trend was a reaction not just to the matchup poll, but to the misleading media narrative pervading the primary that Warren's campaign is dead in the water. Political commentators have taken Bernie's national polling lead to mean that he has captured the progressive wing of the Democratic electorate, leaving Warren without key voters for her primary coalition. With Sanders occupying the race's progressive lane, there have been questions about Warren's ability to win over moderate Democratic voters.

Concerns have been raised about Joe Biden's candidacy as well, but even after he came in fourth in Iowa (behind Warren), he has still been seen as a strong contender for the nomination (pending the results of the Nevada caucus and South Carolina primary). He received considerably more coverage than Warren in the days following both the Iowa caucus and New Hampshire primary, despite his poor showing in both contests.

Nevertheless, Warren is hanging on. After all, her delegate count and place in the polls is not something to turn your nose up at. She has been eclipsed by the media-darling, political wunderkind that is "Mayor Pete" Buttigieg despite his inability to garner support from people of color and dismal showing in national polls. Biden's downfall and the insurgency of the Bloomberg campaign have captivated the media while Sanders continues to rise in national polls. The narrative being built around this race continues to glorify the "B-boys," Bernie, Buttigieg, Biden, and Bloomberg, and is largely overlooking the women, Klobuchar and Warren.

Despite Warren's consistently strong place in this race, she continues to be overlooked by the national media. She still has teams on the ground in Super Tuesday states and is organizing everywhere possible, something that is not true of other campaigns. She has teams in places like Arkansas and Illinois, showing that she is in this race for the long haul. In fact, her campaign has over 1,000 staffers in 31 states, the most of any campaign aside from billionaire Mike Bloomberg. She is running a national campaign that many other candidates are now scrambling to match before the all-important Super Tuesday contests.

After a stellar debate performance in Nevada, it is evident that the enthusiastic, fighting spirit that drives Warren's campaign is only increasing. On Wednesday, her campaign announced that it had raised almost $3 million, amounting to her campaign's largest debate-night fundraising haul. Warren raised the most money on Wednesday, edging out frontrunner Bernie Sanders who raised $2.7 million. Her debate performance energized her grassroots supporters who were driven to donate to help her stay in this fight.

One thing is for sure, her supporters are in this fight until the end, too.

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