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Music is one of the greatest things on this planet. There is literally a song for every emotion. In my opinion, music is such a natural stress reliever, serving one of its many purposes. I feel like a lot of music is used to tell a story and how the artist chooses to tell that story is up to them. I like just about every kind of music except heavy metal, hard rock, things of that nature. I prefer songs that I can understand and that are not screamed at me. I do like a little bit of country. When I say a little bit, I mean like two songs by Carrie Underwood: Before He Cheats & Last Name. I do like a song or two by Green Day, PANIC! at the Disco, Theory of a Deadman, and The Fray but I have no desire to go on a musical adventure, which means I listen to their other songs and see if I like them. If I do, then I'll download them. Sometimes I download a few songs at a time or I'm downloading whole albums. There is very rarely an in between.

Bad Blood by NAO
I stumbled across this song when I was scrolling through my Facebook timeline. There was a video with this song playing in the background. It wasn't the whole song but there was something about it that I just couldn't shake. I had to know what song it was and listen to the whole thing. Thank God for the comment section. Someone came through for me. I went to YouTube and sure enough, it was there. I looked at the video and I wasn't exactly sure what was going on but it was definitely different. I became obsessed with the song and needed to know every word. I had it on repeat for several days at a time and even got my sister hooked on it.

Don't Mind by Kent Jones
I'm probably stuck on this song just for the simple fact that I spent a week with my sister and by the time I left, we almost knew this whole song. I actually do like the pleasure of having learned a new song within a few days. It feels like an accomplishment when you can sing/rap a whole song without messing up. Wouldn't you agree?

Chance The Rapper
I love his music. The first time I heard him, my friend introduced me to a song that he was featured on called The Way by Kehlani. She definitely regretted that because I wore that song out. It was on repeat for several days at a time. Well, one night I got bored and decided to take a musical adventure. Since I loved his rap in The Way, I had to look into his other music. I looked at his albums: Acid Rap, 10 Days, and most recently Coloring Book. Of course, I have my favorites on each of these albums but I truly do love all of his work. From Coloring Book, my favorites consist of Juke Jam, All We Got, Mixtape, Angels, and No Problem, from Acid Rap: Cocoa Butter Kisses and Chain Smoker, and from 10 Day: 14,000 Minutes, Prom Night, and Brain Cells. I'm sure you're wondering what makes Chance The Rapper so great? Lyrically, I think he's a genius. He's rapping about his life in a creative way and I love his voice. I can't leave out the fact that he's attractive. That's just my opinion so take some time out of your day and go on a musical adventure :)

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