25 Struggles Of Curly Hair Girls

Hair is a big part of our personality. And if you have been blessed/cursed with naturally curly hair, your hair is big too.

Here are 25 things that all girls with curly hair have experienced, and more often than not experience on a daily basis.

1. Everyone asks you: “how do you get your hair curly?”

And then they don’t believe you when you say it’s natural.

2. It’s impossible to comb tangles out of.

After a shower, it may take up to 15 minutes to get all the tangles out. Not only is it an annoying project, it’s PAINFUL. And your comb is covered in hair afterwards. You have to clean it out every time you use it.

3. Spending a ton of money on hair products (especially conditioner.)

The amount of conditioner and other leave-in products required to tame the beast is no joke. Plus, you’re constantly switching up to find something that works better. Your shower is filled with at least five different types of conditioner.


Most curls come with an inappropriate amount of frizz, especially in the summer. The amount of frizz on your head is out of control, no matter how much anti-frizz product you use. Humidity and rain are just a few elemental enemies of us curly haired girls.

5. Every morning, you take on the project of taming the beast AND getting out the door on time.

Sometimes this means putting your head under the faucet, soaking your hair, and starting from square one. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

6. It’s impossible to brush.

Every girl with curly hair knows this struggle especially. People ask,

“Why don’t you brush your hair?” This is why.

7. If you wear bobby pins, your hair will eat them.

Any and every bobby pin you put in your hair gets lost in there, and probably won't surface until days later

8. It takes FOREVER to straighten.

But it's too late now to turn back.

9. People ask you how long it takes to straighten your hair.

“Wow, your hair is so curly! How long does it take you to straighten it?” Too long.

10. Your curls bounce up, making your hair appear a lot shorter than it actually is.

This makes getting a trim nerve-wracking. You know that if your hair was naturally straight, it would be A LOT longer. We have much longer hair than what meets the eye!

11. You can’t run your fingers through your hair.

Other people fail to realize this. Don’t attempt it. Just don’t.

12. Your hair sheds EVERYWHERE.

Your hair can be found on your clothes, your bed, and sometimes even in your food. You leave hair everywhere you go, which your loved ones know all too well.

It's like the beloved pet cat whose fur can be found on everything you own.

13. Putting your hair in a bun or ponytail is a risk and a commitment.

When you leave your hair up for any length of time, it will morph to that style. So when you take it down, you have a disaster on your hands. You either have to shower or keep it up for the rest of the day- no matter how painful it might get due to how heavy it is!

14. Your hair NEVER dries the same way twice.

Like ever. Even if you do the exact same thing as you did yesterday, your hair will never turn out the exact same way.

15. Your hair is soaking wet for hours after you shower.

This is only an actual problem in the winter, however. In the summer, your wet hair keeps you cool!

16. There’s nothing nicer someone can do for you than offer to detangle/blow-dry/straighten your hair for you.

Please, my arms need a break! Curly hair has a mind of its own. There comes a time when it’s so much work that you give up and let it do its thing. So although you may not want to blow-dry and straighten your hair, when a friend offers to, you sigh a huge sigh of relief and prepare to be pampered. You always look forward to going to the hairdresser for this reason! Bless their soul.

17. If you do straighten your hair, everyone you know comments on it.

“Wow, you look so much better with straight hair!” All us curly haired girls have heard it.

18. Your hair will attack anyone who comes too close.

Whether hugging a friend or cuddling a significant other, your hair will attack them no doubt. More likely than not, they'll pull pieces of your stray hair off their clothes, or even out of their mouth! (Refer back to #12).

19. Using a curling iron will straighten your hair.

Your hair is so curly that a curling iron has the opposite effect! It's impossible for your hair to get any curlier!

20. After swimming in the ocean, your hair is 5x heavier.

The salt sea water sticks to your curls like no tomorrow, and you come out of the ocean with hair 5x heavier than it was before. When you get home, prepare to wash your hair for at least 20 minutes in order to get it completely clean of salt.

21. You went through a phrase where you straightened your hair all the time.

This was before you came to embrace your naturally curly hair!

22. From time to time, you still get jealous of girls with naturally straight hair.

They have no idea how easy they have it!

23. And those are the same girls who tell you all the time they want your hair!

No, you really don’t. Do you know how much time, money, and effort it took to tame this thing?

You should see it when I wake up in the morning!

24. Meeting someone with hair just as curly as yours means an instant connection.

Meeting someone with your type of hair is like meeting someone who has the same favorite band as you. There is an instant connection which may lead to friendship. You finally feel like someone understands you!

25. You have good hair days and bad hair days, just like everybody else, but that doesn’t stop the comments from rolling in everywhere you go.

And we’re back to the beginning: “how do you get your hair so curly?”
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