Manage Your Unruly Curls With This Curly Hair Routine
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Manage Your Unruly Curls With This Curly Hair Routine

Here are some key products for girls with unruly curly hair.

Manage Your Unruly Curls With This Curly Hair Routine

For years I struggled with my curly hair routine. In the past year, however, I finally found one that works for me. Four years ago, I straightened my hair every single day. Over time my hair became very dry and frail. I had so many split ends and my hair was not growing. I began to absolutely hate my hair and couldn't find a way to wear it curly, so I resorted to straightening. Once the split ends were past my ear and I was not able to do absolutely anything with my hair, I realized that I needed to take a break from heat tools.

I hardly straightened or blow-dried my hair to give it a break. My hair was healthy at the top of my head but the split ends continued upwards. This resulted in my hair looking like it wasn't growing. I had to keep getting haircuts in order to cut all of the split ends off. As of the fall of 2019, my hairstylist told me that I finally cut off all of my split ends. It was a long journey but it definitely was worth it. Now that my hair is healthier I am able to stylish curly more easily. It is a lot smoother and a lot easier to manage using products. I have perfected my routine and am seeing my hair grow more rapidly.

After I shower, I start with my hair dried with a towel but still pretty wet. I use the Garnier Fructis Curl Nourish Leave in Conditioner. I use a generous amount of this starting from the ends up to the mid shaft. I make sure that my hair has a significant amount of this, as it truly nourishes my hair.

Then, I spray a good amount of OGX Renewing + Argan Oil of Morocco Weightless Healing Dry Oil. This adds a lot of shine and also smooths out my hair. I prefer spray oils rather than pump oils as I feel the spray evenly distributes the oil more efficiently. I highly recommend this product even if you are blow drying your hair as it makes your hair super shiny.

Next, I go in with any sort of hair cream. The hair cream really forms the curl and locks it in. I also feel that it helps with the frizz. My hair is very frizzy without any product in and I feel that any hair cream that's significantly thick is really beneficial to my hair.

I then go in with the TRESemme Tres Extra Hold Hair Gel. I put a significant amount of hair gel in my hair as I feel that the gel secures the curl and reduces frizz. I put the gel in by dividing my hair up in layers to ensure that every section of my hair has the gel. I find that if I do not do this only some curls are secure and some are not. It just looks weird.

I then put my hair in a microfiber towel called Turbie Twist. Microfiber towels are really good for curly hair. I don't leave my hair in the towel for that long because I still want it to be a little bit wet for the next step

I then take my blow dryer with the diffuser attachment on the end. I have used many different blow dryers and they all do the same job as long as you have the diffuser attachment. Some people scrunch their hair into the diffuser while it is on but I personally like long curls rather than short curls. To achieve this I don't scrunch but I just place my hair into the diffuser and wait for it to dry. I go throughout my whole head of hair until my hair is significantly dry. The diffuser locks in the curl the way that it has fallen, instead of the curls bunching up on their own. The widely dispersed air does not disturb the original wave pattern or cause frizz when drying. Since I am looking for length I do not scrunch into the diffuser. As I am going along, if I feel I missed a spot that is getting a little too poofy, I spray more argan oil. I try not to use too much gel as I don't want the curls to be crunchy.

Once my hair is dry I then take the TRESemmé Climate Control Finishing Hair Spray. I try and avoid using the hair spray but recently since the weather is getting warmer I found I needed to use hairspray to really secure the curl. I will then probably go in with the argan oil again to make sure no curls poof up.

This hair routine has been a long time coming. It's only been the past year that I found out about the diffuser. I was skeptical about using a diffuser for a long time but there are many ways that you can use a diffuser and get many results. I highly recommend using a diffuser and these products if you are looking to find a new hair care routine for your curly hair.

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