10 Reasons Curly Hair Is Challenging But Awesome

10 Reasons Curly Hair Is Challenging But Awesome

It's a struggle we wouldn't trade for anything.

It's a common misconception that everyone wants the hair they don't have. Personally, I love my curly hair, but taking care of it is always an adventure.

1. Curly bedhead

Waking up with curly hair is so unpredictable. Odds are you'll wake up with a giant knot and have some major work to do.

2. ...or not

These are the days that you are thankful to have curls, because these are the days you can effortlessly roll out of bed looking like you have a salon blowout.

3. Detangling

It took me over half my life to figure out that a wide-tooth comb is the way to go. Hairbrushes separate those gorgeous curls and leave you with a frizzy mess. Plus, they're liable to get stuck in that mane and never come out.

4. Braid struggles

Braids are glorious because they'll keep your marvelous mane tame and out of your way. But stray curls just seem to find their way out of the braid, making for continuous annoyance, even if it does look cute and wind-blown.

5. Windy days

Speaking of wind, these can be some of the most miserable days for curly folks. There's no controlling your curls when a gust sends loose strands straight into your face.

6. Getting a haircut

It is so difficult to find a stylist that knows how to properly trim, cut, or style curly hair. They trim our tresses just like they would straight hair, but they never seem to understand that they are cutting WAY too much of our hair off. And for us, parting with our precious hair is like losing a friend (nevermind that it grows back).

7. Wanting to try new styles

There's always a cool new hairstyle trend floating around our popular culture. Sometimes this works in our favor, like when beach waves became a thing. But more often than not, hair trends like side bangs and middle parts are best suited to straight hair. You will never catch me wearing a Buddha bun in public, because my fluffy hair is way too heavy to stay up like that.

8. Parents and friends who just don't get it

Since curly folks are usually a minority, we often grow up with straight-haired parents and friends that just don't get our hair. Some of our moms brushed out every last curl, leaving us looking like we stuck our finger in an electrical outlet. And when it was time to braid each other's hair at a sleepover or for a school dance, our friends struggled to tame our luxurious manes.

9. Glorious hair beards

But a curly-haired childhood had its perks. As kids, we all pulled our hair in front of our chins and put it in a ponytail to see what we would look like with a beard. Everyone knows that voluminous, curly hair makes for the most majestic beards, hands down.

10. Curly hair is just awesome

Even if we sometimes resent it, deep down we curly folks are proud of our hair. All hair is unique and beautiful in its own way. Learning to overcome the obstacles presented by a mane with a mind of its own can be difficult, but oh so rewarding when we own our style and rock our curls with confidence!

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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What To Expect For Your First Brazilian Wax

Be informed and do it right the first time!


It's going to hurt like hell, you're going to swear to yourself you're never going to go through with it again, and that you've betrayed your razor. Just like the pain, these feelings will subside.

Before The Appointment.

First things first girl, you must let your hair grow out very long. Ideally, it should be longer than a grain of rice. Absolutely do not shave two to three weeks before since the wax will have a harder time gripping onto short hair, likely leaving it behind. When I hear Brazilian, I think bare. Hairs left behind defies the whole point of a Brazilian, so please just wait.

Next, you should exfoliate the area a day or two before your appointment. Exfoliation will remove the dead skin around the follicle, making hair removal a tad easier.

Right Before.

Now, it's the day of your long-awaited Brazilian appointment. Shower, which is self-explanatory and a nice gesture for your dignity and much appreciated from your esthetician, though do not exfoliate. That will irritate the area before the waxing even begins. It will help to take an anti-inflammatory like ibuprofen. Yes, it will still hurt, but it will help.

During The Wax.

During the session, relax. Your esthetician should guide you in deep breaths and knows techniques to minimize the pain.

Personally, I love going to the salon because it's like a free therapy session. You can vent and talk about anything and they'll likely listen and give you their opinion, or silently judge. They're already seeing every bit of you, so nothing seems off the table, but proceed with caution and just be yourself.

When the wax is over, they will apply a cooling crème, gel, oil, or other product to soothe the stressed skin.

After Care.

After the appointment, it's crucial to be aware that everyone's skin heals at different rates. It's also likely you will develop little white bumps from waxing. To inhibit ingrown hairs from forming, I've found that applying Thayer's witch hazel, or another witch-hazel toner without alcohol helps the healing process immensely. Then, top it with a hydrocortisone cream. It helps with redness and swelling. If you don't have witch hazel, that's perfectly fine. Just proceed with hydrocortisone cream and an ice pack if needed.

I'm aware that these after-care instructions make a Brazilian sound like a terrible self-inflicted experience, but I can assure you'll be going back for more. After the bumps subside, you will love the smooth skin, the ability to hit the pool without the worry of "Did I shave?" In a way, I'd compare the experience to giving birth, but way less painful. Yes, it hurts, but women are strong. They become pros at childbirth, and soon, you'll become a pro at Brazilians.

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