Cuffing Season
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Cuffing Season

You don't need a man, you need a gravity blanket and some vitamin D

Cuffing Season

It's that time of year again. The colder months, meaning everyone's looking for that special someone to snuggle up to all winter. Cuffing season is as real as the holidays. It comes on fast, but leaves just as quickly. Yet we all fall into the trap. The trap that you need a s/o next to you at Thanksgiving dinner to shut up your invasive family members. To have a man to go visit the Christmas tree with and take another cliche photo. We literally can't help it. It's like something in our DNA this time of year. But like, what if a man really isn't what you need? It is proven that many people experience higher levels of depression, men have lower levels of testosterone and we all become a bit vitamin D deficient during the colder months. So do you need a man or maybe just a vacation?

But you fall into the trap anyway. You see your friends doing all the cute fall things. You can't help but feel the FOMO and want it for yourself. The nights are now colder, and you imagine cuddling up with a boo would be better then alone. You feel that vitamin D deficiency, and are searching for the D in a whole new way. You start to think of all the potential guys you met over the summer, that could turn into more then some casual fun. Then the "hey stranger" texts come through, earlier then 11pm. And you instantly feel a spark you didn't quite feel before under the August sun.

Cuffing season is merely a small form of desperation, for a short amount of time. Why do so many people get into new relationships in the fall, and then by the time spring break rolls around we're all single and ready to flamingle? All is happy and perfect in those pumpkin picking pictures, but once the trip to Miami is booked you're not so happy anymore. You start hitting the gym more, lose that winter bae weight. And before you know it, it's back to hot girl summer.

Recently, I had the luxury of experiencing something life changing. Two words. Gravity blanket. For anyone that suffers with any ounce of anxiety, stress or depression, this blanket could be a solution. Laying under 15lbs of goodness, feels like you're getting a big hug. It helps to improve sleep, reduce those negative feelings and overall calm you down. So I began to think. What if cuffing season was nothing more than a myth? What if all you truly need, is a gravity blanket and a container of vitamin D gummies?

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