If You're A CT Millennial, You Know What Xfinity Center Is Actually Like

We all know one of the best seasons, concert season...

Whether you listen to country, rap, hip hop, r&b or rock, most likely have experienced yourself at night or day at Xfinity. Lawn seats are roughly 35 bucks...woo.

You might not be front and center to the artist, but you are definitely front and center to drunk girls, puking, crying, or falling down the steep hill.

Although we seemingly forget our last experience there, we always go back.

Going to a concert which you don't actually enjoy the artist is setting yourself up for failure. While you get annoyed by all the drunk people around you, you can't even look forward to enjoying music.

While I question myself every time I pay them my money every weekend during the summer, here are a few of the most memorable sights/experiences I have endured at the Xfinity theatre.

1. My drunk friend making out with a 40-year-old man

I couldn't say the word stop before she was already over there...C'mon girl

2. Someone actually peeing on my blanket

Literally, an absolute stranger came up to me and started peeing on my blanket. Safe to say I left that one right where it was. (Sorry mom)

3. Getting whipped in the face with a jacket

Shoutout to a random drunk guy, because we just got ourselves a free North Face jacket!

4. Many drunk men telling me I am beautiful

This is one of those things where you just say "Thanks" and continue your 15-mile hike across the lawn.

5. People (figuratively) having sex in public

Listen, I get it. Cole Swindell is beautiful and country music is great...But please get a room. I don't need to see your tongue down someone's throat.

6. Meeting strangers and making them your best friends

Drunk new friends are even cooler

7. Being drunk and thinking there is a mirror above the sinks...But there's not.

These concerts are definitely something to experience. But please take some advice... Don't bring a blanket, and control ya damn friends.


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