The Impact Of Crosstalk At Texas State
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The Impact Of Crosstalk At Texas State

Students share their experiences about a campus ministry in San Marcos.

The Impact Of Crosstalk At Texas State

Students at Texas State University share how one ministry on campus has impacted them. Whether it be the people through community groups, or the worship every Wednesday night on campus, Crosstalk has positively impacted many students to grow in their faith, be bold, and live for Jesus.

On the Crosstalk website, it states, "Crosstalk exists as the college ministry of Cypress Creek Church to make disciples that make disciples at Texas State University. Join us as we reach our campus with the Gospel!" Crosstalk meets in Centennial Hall, room 157 every Wednesday night at 8 p.m.

Many students have shared their experience with Crosstalk. Many of them have met their closest friends, and have been able to serve in leadership positions, glorifying God every step of the way.

"Crosstalk has done so much and has changed my life in so many ways," said Kirsten Chadwick, a community group leader. "Mostly just through community and having a place for me to be apart of what God is doing and His love for us. I have never met so many people truly and humbly walking and seeking God and pursuing college students to share the good news they have received. It's the real deal."

"Since joining crosstalk I have felt the overwhelming embrace of love by the wonderful kingdom of God," said Caroline Jordan, an attendee of Crosstalk. "Throughout the first part of my college experience, I had been chasing after and praying for an outlet to grow in discipleship at Texas State. Crosstalk is the place for me to help strengthen my relationship with the Lord and build relationships with my brothers and sisters in Christ."

"The hardest part about graduating from Texas State University will be leaving my Crosstalk family to do go do things I believe God is calling me to do," said senior Itzel Valenzuela. "I have a wonderful family I was born into, but the family God gave me through Crosstalk is more than what I could have ever asked for. They encourage me, fight battles with me, make me feel loved, bring so much joy into my life, and mourn with me during hard times. I encourage anyone to get plugged into a ministry that is rooted well in the bible. It was the best decision I made at Texas State."

"Before Crosstalk, I was just a wanderer at Texas State and honestly pretty lonely," said Crosstalk staff member Paulina De La Fuente. "The biggest thing that I've experienced in Crosstalk is family. No other place has ever made me feel more seen and loved before. This ministry is full of people just looking to see everyone accept God's unconditional love for them."

"To me, crosstalk is more than just a weekly church service with worship, a sermon, and prayer," said Tyler Feldman, a Crosstalk attender. "It's a community united against sin, against the desires of the world, and against the pervading modern day culture of self-centeredness. It's a group of college students that have committed themselves to the furthering of the gospel within themselves and within their campus. It's a community for the cultivation of leaders and is helping to raise the next wave of evangelists, starting here at Texas State and going to the ends of the earth with the wonderful news of the gospel."

"Over the past two years, Crosstalk has become my family," said Ben Cunningham, a community group leader, and Outreach Coordinator. "They've welcomed me and loved me and I really enjoyed getting to grow in my faith with the people closest to me."

Crosstalk Campus Ministry is here for the public and would love to welcome anyone who needs a community to grow with, regardless of where they are at in life. Join us at Texas State University and be apart of this loving family.

To learn more about Crosstalk, or Cypress Creek Church, click the following links:
Crosstalk website:
Cypress Creek Church website:
Crosstalk Facebook page:

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