Christmas Time!

It's the time of "Merry Christmas" and "Happy Holidays" at last. I may be biased from my love of Christmas, but those phrases always fill me with a little bit of joy. I hope there aren't too many people who need that joy after final grades were posted.

I'm sure most people went home for Thanksgiving break and now they're back again. Which likely isn't incredibly exciting. I decided against taking the flight home for Thanksgiving though so I haven't seen my family since summer. I don't normally get excited to go home, but this Christmas I couldn't be happier to head back and spend some time with them.

This semester has taken me for a wild ride, but I've learned so much from it. I've grown a lot in this short time and now I'm back with old friends that I can get closer with than before. The best experience from this break so far though is just getting to see my family and my amazing siblings.

I personally don't feel that I need a break from schoolwork since I really enjoy needing to be productive all the time, but the deep breath of quiet air I'm getting from this break is admittedly nice. It's a flurry of nonsense at college some times and returning home where things are stable is comforting.

That's what Christmas is really about though I feel. Loved ones gathering together to take comfort in one another being all in the same space for even just a few brief moments. It's a time where the chaotic mess of everyone's lives all drifts to the peripherals and everyone can huddle together and enjoy their mutual eye in the storm.

I hope all of you have a very merry Christmas and make sure to really cherish this time away from life!

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