15 Facebook Statuses You Posted In 2000
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15 Facebook Statuses You Posted In 2008 That Would Make You ROFL Now

We may have grown up, but is what we do now really any less cringe-worthy?

15 Facebook Statuses You Posted In 2008 That Would Make You ROFL Now
Marguerite Rix

Inspiration really hits you when you least expect it. All I had to do was look at my Timehop. It was then that I realized 7 years ago today, I was icky. It made me feel a little bit better when I continued scrolling and saw that the stuff my friends posted was just as bad. I think we can all admit, whether we like it or not, that we are guilty of posting most, if not all, of these posts on Facebook when we were in middle school. If you're still posting these-I have a lot of respect for your bravery.

1. "Like for a truth is!"

The classic. Maybe this is when our society became super judgmental...let's just not go there.

2. "Who wants to go for a bike ride?"

Ahh, the pre-license days. I've gotten some pretty far places with just my feet, a bike, some rollerblades, a Razor scooter, and a longboard. All of these phases our ability to actually drive, and actually cross main roads.

3. "Felt cute, might delete later."

That notorious mirror selfie that you KNEW you looked good in, but wanted everyone else to say so too, never got deleted. If you were one of the worst kinds of people, you may have captioned it "I know I'm ugly, but whatever." Girlfriend, you know you pulled your boobs out of your training bra and put on your mom's lipstick for that picture. You think you're hot shit.

4. "Like this if you've ever had a crush on me."

The ballsiest of the ballsy. Only your close friends of the same gender ever liked it as a joke.

5. "Add me on Kik!"

The original source for all things inappropriate. Maybe if you posted your Kik username, the hot boys you like will message you and ask if they can meet you at your locker the next day for a hug!

6. "Who's up???"

It's 9:37 PM. Everyone over the age of 10 is awake.

7. "Hangin' wiff Sarahhhh havin' SO much fun!!"

You posted this to make sure everyone at school knew you had a social life. You'd say when you went to the mall or the movies, casually leaving out the fact that your parents had to drive you and pick you up from there. You also did it to make Stacy a little bit jealous because she wanted to hang out too, but you don't really like her.

8. "Skype?"

Video chatting your friends was the highlight of your night, but you had to shut your door and hide your computer because your parents thought you were sleeping.

9. "Had such a fun night at Katie's party! Everyone send me pics."

You hung out in a sweaty basement with 10 girls and 10 boys. The genders were completely separate. Jason Derulo was playing. You wore socks with monkeys on them and a lot of mascara.

10. "When's our algebra homework due??"

Your college self laughs at the idea that you thought homework was "stressful" back then.

11. Something about a relationship we knew nothing about...

My post once was, and I quote, "Loll everyone's obsessed with getting boyfriends&im just over here like....Hey one direction pictures. :p" Yikes.

12. "Who else has B lunch?!"

You just HOPED that cute boy/girl would have lunch with you so you could sit by him and talk with your mouth full of PB&J.

13. An animated picture with 22 people tagged

We've all been tagged in those corny cartoon pictures that describe all types of personalities. For some reason, I was always the goofy or weird one. Wonder why.

14. "Lizzy is my wifey, I luhhhh her!"

We called everyone wifey and hubby, and we never spelled out "love". 2011 was such a time.

15. "Inbox me questions, I'll answer them all!!"

People asked you who you liked...but the truth never came out. Michael could DEFINITELY tell you liked him though...gosh don't you just wish you could tell your 12-year-old self not to be such an awkward creature!

Browse your own Facebook, because you may be laughing at me and the idea of posting these...but I guarantee you're guilty as charged. We might as well laugh about it now!

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