7 Black Content Creators Who Are Killing The Game

7 Black Content Creators Who Are Killing The Game

Black history is created everyday, these content creators are proving that and then some.

7 Black Content Creators Who Are Killing The Game

Representation matters. As more and more children and young adults are becoming interested in the world of media this statement is continuously reigning true. We are often inspired to create because of those who have come before us in the creative fields we are trying to enter. As new content emerges, highlighting our predecessors keeps us humble and hopeful for the future. I wanted to highlight 7 black content creators who have inspired me to pursue my passions and go after my dreams.

The Daily Davidsons


Tiffany and T.J. Davidson are a young black couple who have been married since 2014. They are the parents of four beautiful children Jaiden, Chance, Carter and Nova. They have been vlogging on their YouTube channel, The Daily Davidsons for ten years. The channel originated with Tiffany's personal vlogs in 2009. It slowly transitioned into a family vlogging channel once they found out they were pregnant with their first child, Jaiden. Since they have created a successful business based on their vlogs, and their individual photography and videography ventures. They inspire me to create and live in the moment with my family.



I've been laughing at Kevin Fredericks' skits, vlogs, and podcasts since 2010. Even though Kevin is older than me, I've always related to him because of his experience growing up in the church. His vibrant spirit and ability to make people laugh effortlessly has helped me through many tough situations and created something for me and my family to bond over. He recently opened his production studio with his family and friends, KevOnStage Studios, and I would love to be able to create content with him one day.



If you hadn't already guessed, Melissa Fredericks is the wife of KevOnStage. She is a loving wife and mother, published author, and the host of The Love Hour Podcast amongst many other things. I see myself reflected in Melissa as she discusses real life issues such as the importance of self-love and owning her womanhood. If you haven't followed her yet, what are you doing?

Raven Elyse


Raven Elyse is another YouTuber that has inspired me from an early age. When I was younger I would binge watch her makeup tutorials and fashion videos. Her style was and still is captivating. She's not afraid to try new things to change her style and I've always admired that about her. Raven reached 1 million subscribers in 2018. She continues to grow her platform as she manages being a boss business woman and an amazing mother to her daughter, Ziya.

Beleaf In Fatherhood 


Glen Henry or "Beleaf" is a husband and father of four beautiful children. Beleaf strives to highlight the importance of black fatherhood in a society that believes that black fathers are missing. I admire Beleaf and his desire to promote black love and black families. A strong message in everything that he and his wife, Yvette create relates back to their love for Jesus. His YouTube channel and music will make you laugh, cry, and smile.

Evelyn From The Internets


I've been following Evelyn since I was in high school. Subscribing to her was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Evelyn is an independent, driven, and extremely talented writer and YouTuber. Her content is inspirational and goal oriented. Overall, she creates content that starts a conversation about the importance of self-care and self-awareness while promoting dream chasing.

Sopha Rush


Sopha Rush is a content creator focused on spreading the gospel and the love of Jesus Christ to her followers. She is the author of multiple prayer journals, produces faith-based YouTube videos, and she is constantly putting positive messages out into the world. She juggles managing her brand, @livedeeplyrooted and being a loving wife to her husband, Anthony, and supermom to her son Harlem. She and her husband recently announced that they are expecting baby number 2! Sopha has inspired me to continue to grow deeper in my faith. If you're looking for more Christian content creators to follow, you'll love her.

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