Creativity has always been a huge part of who I am, something that my parents urged me to pursue as a child as well. This blossomed to physical art: making, painting, creative writing and poetry, and then the art of bodily movement through different forms of dance.

This shaped me to become an artist, to go to art school, and to constantly challenge and push myself to find various mediums and new ways of artistic expression.

There is something completely magical about making, creating, and imagining. In a way, it keeps me in a child-like state of wonder as well. I'm always thinking, always processing, constantly running through ideas and connections in my mind. There's always a rush of happiness and relief when I create something. There's always a grounding feeling I receive as well.

I also tend to find inspiration all over the place- even when its least expected. When I'm all over the place and stuck in my daily routine. At times, it consumes my consciousness and reprioritizes everything that I had trouble deciphering before. Creative instinct makes the grey transform into an array of technicolor- and it never steers me wrong.

It drives me to see things from more perspectives and pushes me to acknowledge my mistakes.

And most importantly, this quality seems to never leave me. When I do not foster my creativity, make it my last priority at times, or even doubt myself as an artist, it always comes back and finds me. It is always there.

This is why I think it is, at the least, so very important to foster this quality within yourself the best you can. And since your creative vision, your artistic lens, and your imagination will never leave you, you can always come back to it and let it blossom.

You can release and begin making again whether you haven't used your practice in a week or 5+ years. I believe that your creativity and passion will always be there for you, so if you are putting off that story, that piece, that project, or that opportunity, the time is now to use your gift. The world needs you and your artistic and spirited self, so let your passion drive you, and please, never let it go.