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18 Of The Best Creative Writing Prompts To Help You Break The Cursed Writers Block

Sharpen your pencils and get ready to start feeling like yourself again.

18 Of The Best Creative Writing Prompts To Help You Break The Cursed Writers Block

So, you have writer's block?

We all have it. It's the fate of everyone who decides to pursue writing as their professional or academic goal. Sometimes we stare at blank pieces of papers just begging for something inspirational to come, blow our minds and be able to perfectly execute it into the written word. It's not always that simple. Actually, it's never that simple.

I had a teacher tell me once that there was no such thing as sitting alone in the cabin in the woods and writing the next great novel. Ideally, this sounds romantic, intellectual and charming but truly, it's not possible. Writing is a craft that is controlled by your human thought. If you can't think straight, you can't write clear thoughts. And why yes, sometimes inspiration hits us like a truck, other times it takes a while to breathe until we can finally write the story we want to tell. How do you figure out what to write? That's where the writing prompts come in.

The purpose of a writing prompt is a developed thought, tone or idea is to allow your mind to start functioning as a writer. The idea may not be at all what you are seeking to write, but it will allow the gears in your brain to start to work again. There are no rules to the prompt either. You can write a paragraph, a page or a complete short story. The prompt can be centered around a plot, a setting or a character. You don't have to follow the prompt word for word either. You can adjust and weave as you go.

There are also different types of writing prompts and most likely when you think of the idea, you think of your middle school English class where the teacher will tell you what to write by putting a prompt on the whiteboard. "Write about a kitten lost in a tree. What does the kitten look like? What does the tree look like?" To me, those are lack-luster prompts that just ask you to describe events. As creative writers, we are tasked to describe so much more than fluffy kittens in tall oak trees. That's middle school writing. You, my friend, are a creative writer. These prompts are grown up, just like you.

These writing prompts provide a one to two line piece of dialogue or description. These style of prompts are aimed to inspire the deeper meaning of writing. The emotions and the voice of a character. The feeling and sounds of a place. The tone and mood of a piece. Digging deeper than adjectives in front of nouns. You're better than that.

Your story can either begin or lead up to these prompts. Like I said, there are no rules here. Just close your eyes and pick a prompt. Or write to which one speaks the loudest to you. Or give them all a shot. Set up some music if you need to focus and most importantly, have fun.

Happy witting!

1. The person of mystery.

Mystery prompt

2. The pure children.


3. The future ya thriller

YA Promt

4. The brutal betrayal


5. The summer horror piece

Summer horror

6. The calm before the storm

Before the storm

7. The story of the person who wants the normal life

Normal Life Prompt

8. The comedy Halloween story

Halloween humor

9. When the good turns bad

Good promt

10. The library love story

Library Love

11. The king seeking his queen

King Love

12. The not so innocent school crush

School Crush

13. The dark humor piece

Dark Humor

14. The sassy female character

Eye Contact

15. The broken man


16. The playful bickering

Shut up

17. Once upon a romance

Sad part

18. The truth of it all

Somethig is wrong

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