Creative Writing Is So Important

Creative Writing Is So Important

We cannot take creativity for granted in this world, creative writing is a form of art.

Nikki Ganiaris

In a world where words play a primary role in our everyday interactions, it is reliable to say that there are countless ways of going about how we use them; different tense, stories, views and conversations.

This draws me to the point that it is so important to take advantage of the amount of ways you can go about using words and the significance in putting those words to permanence with a pen and some paper. In school we tend to be blinded by the stress that comes with writing papers and reading Latin poetry we don’t understand, that we don’t realize how much good comes out of Literature, specifically creative writing.

Creative writing puts any absurd perspective or secrets at a free stance, there are no restrictions to what you write about. The beauty in this is that when you write you can be whoever you want to be, you can release all the emotions inside you and put them into words that maybe no one else can understand.

There are so many paths to take in regards to telling a story using symbolism and vague irony that the interpretations people may give what they gain from your writing are nothing short of intriguing.

I’ve not only found that when I write I am learning more and more about myself but I’ve also noticed that the more abstract ideas I come up with that I go on a rant about for a page or two, help strengthen my intellect.

I feel by writing for fun you are able to escape reality and express how the perfect storyline in your own light would be. Writing not only helps your soul but you can use it to help others and encourage people to write as well.

When I joined the Odyssey back in December I knew I wanted my writing to have a purpose. I wanted to be able to inspire people with motivation, encourage people to better themselves, and talk about very generic topics but in a more pronounced and extensive manner.

Some would ask me how I jungled submitting an article every week with all the work I had but honestly I look forward to every Wednesday where I’m able to surprise myself with some new idea that I want to write about.

The more I come up with, the more I grow and the more I noticed I was helping people. To me, sharing your thoughts and opinions to the world is so necessary. I recognized that there were people around me or random people from other communities acknowledging my writing who would tell me my article was exactly what they needed to hear in that point in time, which to me is so rewarding.

Creative writing needs to be taken on by everyone, it is such an exciting and refreshing process to be able to share and explore your own interests and theories.

We cannot take creativity for granted in this world, creative writing is a form of art.

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