How To Create An Interchangeable Wardrobe
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How To Create An Interchangeable Wardrobe

A Guide to a Pocket-Sized Wardrobe

How To Create An Interchangeable Wardrobe
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Wardrobes are wonderful things. No, I'm not talking about the kind from "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe". Your wardrobe is just the contents of your closet, or what you wear (or neglect to wear) during your day-to-day life. I'm here to discuss a great choice on how to structure your wardrobe: the "interchangeable wardrobe" as it's been called by many style bloggers.

The main aim of this wardrobe is to have the greatest number of possible outfits. In short, every piece must be able to paired with almost every other piece. This makes it super easy to create outfits. Interchangeable wardrobes are also usually on the less expensive side as well. Without further adieu, here's a few tips on how to adopt the interchangeable wardrobe!

General Clothing Tips

Let's start by looking at a couple of specifics of clothes that do/don't work in an interchangeable wardrobe.


Wear jeans with decals on them (usually on the back pockets). They really only work in casual outfits (and just barely there as well).

Follow trends to a "T". Trends are a great way to spice up your outfits, but if you just buy trendy clothes, you'll end up wasting time and money.


Wear clothes with simple designs. Patterns are great, but silly designs (e.g. SpongeBob ties) are a definite no-no. Remember, the thing we're looking for is interchangeability, so the more versatile the better.

Incorporate trends into your style. Like I mentioned above, trends are a great supplement to your wardrobe, though they shouldn't be your central focus. After all, trends don't last forever.


The color of your clothes is another important part of an interchangeable wardrobe. I'd advise being cautious with color, though it seems most guys I see around these days are a bit too cautious and never stray from a rather small color palette. Grays and blacks are great, but they can only get you so far.

With that in mind, I'd recommend mostly darker colors as they're often more versatile than lighter ones. Grays and blacks are good, but so are blues, browns, greens and even bright reds in the right season (in order of most to least versatile). Experiment with these and see what works best for you with your specific skin tone, hair, eyes, face, etc.


To be fair, fit is something that should be forefront in every wardrobe, but none quite as much as this one. Each piece in your wardrobe should fit you well (for what "well" looks like, click here).

More important, though, is that each piece in your wardrobe fits similarly on your body. For example, the sweater in an outfit shouldn't be the bulkiest thing on earth while your jeans are super-skinny. You'll look like a mismatched mess if you take this route, so try to keep the fit of your clothing relatively similar.

That about wraps it up for me this week! I hope you all had a great Christmas and a happy New Year!

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